Thursday, October 28, 2010

2010 MiLBY Awards (Best Reliever Results and Best Team/Game Nominations)

Minor League Baseball continues the voting process for their 2010 award winners. Fans are able to cast a vote for their choice for Best Starter, Best Hitter, Best Reliever, Best Game and Best Team. Voting for the final award began on Monday. Visit the 2010 MiLBY Awards page to cast a vote.

The results for the third poll, Best Reliever, were released on Monday. Winston Abreu finished second in the AAA field, Matt Gorgen tied for fourth in the AA field, Zach Quate was fourth in the A+ field and Scott Shuman was fifth in the A field.

The fourth and final poll is for the 2010 Best Team and 2010 Best Game and is open until November 1. The Durham Bulls are the only team to be nominated and were nominated for best AAA Team.

The Bulls finished with the best record in AAA at 88-55, clinching playoff berth after winning their fourth consecutive division titles. They also led the league in pitching (ERA) and second in the league in hitting (average).

Click here to go to the MiLB website to cast your vote.

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