Saturday, October 30, 2010

Personal Top 30 Lists - My Working List

2011 Top 30 Prospects
As I said in the comments to yesterday's post, today I'll post my working list as I cut down towards the Top 30. The list is still quite large; all I've trimmed off is players who obviously had no shot. Some parts have been worked on more than others, so just because a guy still is on this list doesn't necessarily mean I like him more than everyone who has been cut, I just might not have gotten to him yet. Also, these are in no particular order.

Position Players (41):

Cesar Perez, Travis Flores, Jake DePew, Jake Jefferies, Deshun Dixon, Juniel Querecuto, Jeff Malm, Kyeong Kang, Chris Murrill, Josh Sale, Drew Vettleson, Justin O'Conner, Luke Bailey, Brian Bryles, Matt Sweeney, Hector Guevara, Matt Fields, Nevin Ashley, Todd Glaesmann, Tim Beckham, Mark Thomas, Cesar Guillen, Ryan Wiegand, Isaias Velasquez, Ty Morrison, Cody Rogers, Desmond Jennings, Derek Dietrich, Brett Nommensen, Stephen Vogt, Ryan Brett, Henry Wrigley, Cody Cipriano, Jose Ruiz, Alex Diaz, Reid Fronk, Robby Price, Elliot Johnson, Kevin Kiermaier, Phil Wunderlich, Tyler Bortnick.

Pitchers (43):

Ian Kendall, Jason McEachern, Josh Satow, David Newmann, Frank De Los Santos, Merrill Kelly, Alex Koronis, Wilking Rodriguez, Kyle Lobstein, Eliazer Suero, Eduar Quinonez, Alex Colome, Aneury Rodriguez, Alex Torres, Kirby Yates, Albert Suarez, Matt Moore, Jacob Partridge, Jake McGee, Nick Barnese, Darin Downs, Steve Hiscock, Scott Shuman, Marcus Jensen, Nate Garcia, Joseph Cruz, Neil Schenk, Wilmer Almonte, Jeremy Hellickson, Shane Dyer, Alex Cobb, Zach Rosscup, Jimmy Patterson, Marquis Fleming, Pedro Silvestre, CJ Riefenhauser, Braulio Lara, Enny Romero, Brandon Henderson, Zach Quate, Matt Spann, Jake Thompson, Austin Hubbard.

So I'm down to 84 on my way to 30. Lots of work ahead.


  1. mine in no order would be
    Beckham,Morrison, Jennings,
    WRodriguez, Lobstein, Colome,

  2. It is funny to me how everyone puts Josh Sale up on their top 30 prospects, but no one has seen him do anything great so far. I mean the kid waited till the last possible minute to sign, no one saw anything out of him this past year. I guess yea he is a top prospect, but you are just saying that based off what he did in highschool. Things could totally change when he starts using a wood bat. I am not dogging on the kid I am just saying how can he be a top 30 prospect when you haven't seen anything out of him so far?

  3. top 5 hitters: jake jefferies, henry wrigley, matt sweeny, bekham and vogt

  4. my prediction: Jeffries either quits or released

  5. Shandies, Jennings, Sale, O'COnnor, Vettleson, Bortnick are all ahead of Wrigley, Sweeney, and Jeffries. Crap, Sheridan is ahead of Jeffries when you take in both D and Offense.

  6. Yeah, I think you might be alone with those picks Shandies.

    One advantage Jefferies has is playing catcher. They get more time, despite poor performances with the bat.

    Sheridan is in a tough spot, alot easier to replace a poor hitting 1B than a poor hitting C. Interesting to see the cuts next spring (or over the winter).

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  8. Re Jarman: There are only so many spots in a Top 30 list, and the Rays are dominated by pitchers. Jarman has performed quite well, but he was 25 in A+ last season (similar to Vogt btw), he's a reliever, and he walked 4.4 per 9 IP. Balancing the good and the bad, no real chance at the Top 30 Overall. No slight to him though, he would make it in weaker org's. But not the Rays.