Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Andrew Bellatti Pleads Guilty - Faces One Year In Jail

Andrew Bellatti was scheduled for trial on December 6th on several charges arising from a fatal car crash last January. If convicted of all charges he faced over seven years in prison. Last week, as part of a plea agreement, Bellatti plead guilty to a charge of gross vehicular manslaughter. He is now scheduled to be sentenced on November 10th. In exchange for pleading guilty, he now faces a year in jail instead of a prison term:
Deputy District Attorney Curtis Ross said that under the plea deal, Bellatti will probably receive probation and the possibility of one year in jail. Reid's widow does not want to ruin the young man's life, the prosecutor said. "She doesn't want him to be going to prison," Ross said. Bellatti, who had been free on bond, surrendered in the courtroom several hours after entering his plea.
As of today he remains in jail, so I assume he will stay there at least until the sentencing hearing.

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