Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Moves

Brett Nommensen
The Montgomery Biscuits have placed outfielder Brett Nommensen on the 7-day disabled list, retroactive to August 24th.

The Montgomery Biscuits placed catcher Mayo Acosta on the 7-day disabled list. He broke his right ankle in the game on Sunday.

RHRP Matt Nevarez has been assigned to the Montgomery Biscuits from the Charlotte Stone Crabs.

Catcher Craig Albernaz has assigned to the Montgomery Biscuits from the Durham Bulls. Albernaz was on the Biscuits roster back in April but didn't play in any games. When he appears in his first game it will mark his 6th season playing in a Biscuits game (2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012).

Mayo Acosta
Infielder Sean Rodriguez broke his hand hitting a locker after the win last night for the Durham Bulls. No moves have been made, and I doubt there will be since the Bulls season is nearly over. He was expected to rejoin the Rays on September 1st but that seems unlikely at this point.

RHSP Jeff Niemann is still technically on the Durham Bulls roster as part of his MLB rehab assignment but he is back with the Rays today. No word when the Rays will activate him, but when they do spots will be needed on both the 25-man and 40-man rosters since Niemann is not currently on the 40-man.


  1. Guess that answers how they were going to replace Acosta. Glad to see that they didnt pick apart the lower level teams.

    1. Didn't know if it would be Albernaz down or Wendt up, guessed Albernaz just because of the storm making travel tough. The Biscuits had to have someone now since Thomas was the only other catcher in town. I think Sexton was the emergency guy. Kind of cool for him too making it 6 years on the team, and he should get some decent playing time for a change.

  2. Pitcher Alex Moshier was promoted to HV from GCL. He pitched 2 stellar innings for HV tonight.

  3. Saw the BG game in South Bend. Jake Floethe did not look like the Floethe that has pitched all year? Really struggled walked 3 could have been more in just 1 2/3. I know he missed his last start and came out early the time before. Hope he is alright really pitched well all year long. Need him right for the playoffs.

  4. Sawyer is unreal. Why is he not in HV or BG for the playoffs 17.9 K's per 9 inn.

  5. Starter Matthew Spann had a rough outing last night for HV. HV lost Starter Sean Bierman and Spot Starter Reynaldo Lopez to BG last week. Although HV seemed to pick up 2 good relievers- Harrison and Moshier, they may be hurting if Starter Jesse Hahn gets shut down.

  6. Add one more name to "Moves." Josh Sale just suspended for drugs, too.