Sunday, April 1, 2012

2012 Bowling Green Hot Rods Roster

The Bowling Green Hot Rods have posted their 2012 roster. Here are the 2012 Hot Rods:

Andrew Bellatti
Ryan Carpenter
Charles Cononie
Jairo De La Rosa (DL)
Jake Floethe
Roberto Gomez
Austin Hubbard
Lenny Linksy (DL)
Parker Markel
Jason McEachern
Jacob Partridge
Felipe Rivero
Trevor Shull
Stayton Thomas

Matt Rice
Alejandro Segovia

Ryan Brett
Tyler Goeddel
Jake Hager
Jeff Malm
Taylor Motter
Juniel Querecuto
Cameron Seitzer

Joel Caminero
Kes Carter
Todd Glaesmann
Drew Vettleson

Manager: Brady Williams
Pitching Coach: Bill Moloney
Hitting Coach: Manny Castillo
Trainer: Jeremy Spencer
Strengh Coach: Paul Jones


  1. That will be a fun team to watch, solid prospects all over the place.

  2. It would be a whole lot more fun to watch if Mikie Mahtook and Grayson Garvin were on the roster. It will be interesting to see where Taylor Guerrieri ends up next year. If this is any indication He will probably go from short season to Port Charlotte in 2013.

    1. You have to let me see some players down here too Tom! But I will definitely be making a trip up that way to see this group!

      I know the Rays probably don't factor it in, but Carter & Rice were both college players at W KY last year iirc, so can help out the other guys a little.

  3. Agree Jim, another great crop for BG.

    Renegades fans have no sympathy, Tom. But seriously, with 10 extra high picks they were bound to send a couple to Charlotte. I would have guessed Carpenter over Garvin, but Mahtook was pretty much a lock from the day he signed.

  4. I heard Floethe is starting the opener!

  5. Wow that infield! Going to be tough to get everybody regular playing time if all stay healthy.

  6. Still think HV's Raymond Church should have been sent to BG- even as a backup-should not have been released. BUT, that's what happens when you're not a super high pick. :-( in a year with so many #1 picks.