Monday, April 2, 2012

Rays Top Prospects Opening Day Assignments

Here is a breakdown of where our Top 30 Rays Prospects will begin the 2012 season. By quantity the Bowling Green Hot Rods are the clear winner with eight of the top thirty players in the Rays organization. By quality the Durham Bulls lead with four of the top ten prospects. Third place goes to the Charlotte Stone Crabs, and the Montgomery Biscuits round out the full-season affiliates.

Tampa Bay Rays: 1 (#1 Moore)

Durham Bulls: 4 (#4 Torres, #8 Archer, #9 Beckham, #10 Guyer)

Montgomery Biscuits: 4 (#2 Lee, #11 Colome, #26 Barnese (DL), #27 Bortnick)

Charlotte Stone Crabs: 4 (#3 Romero, #5 Mahtook, #20 Dietrich, #25 Garvin)

Bowling Green Hot Rods: 8 (#7 Vettleson, #12 Goeddel, #13 Markel, #14 Brett, #16 Hager, #18 Linsky (DL), #21 Carpenter, #24 Rivero)

Extended Spring Training: 7 (#6 Guerrieri, #15 Sale, #17 Martin, #19 Hernandez, #22 Eierman, #23 Goetzman, #30 O'Conner)

Other: 2 (#28 Canzler, #29 Bush)

1. Matt Moore - Tampa Bay Rays
2. Hak-Ju Lee - Montgomery Biscuits
3. Enny Romero - Charlotte Stone Crabs
4. Alex Torres - Durham Bulls
5. Mikie Mahtook - Charlotte Stone Crabs
6. Taylor Guerrieri - Extended Spring Training
7. Drew Vettleson - Bowling Green Hot Rods
8. Chris Archer - Durham Bulls
9. Tim Beckham - Durham Bulls
10. Brandon Guyer - Durham Bulls

11. Alex Colome - Montgomery Biscuits
12. Tyler Goeddel - Bowling Green Hot Rods
13. Parker Markel - Bowling Green Hot Rods
14. Ryan Brett - Bowling Green Hot Rods
15. Josh Sale - Extended Spring Training
16. Jake Hager - Bowling Green Hot Rods
17. Brandon Martin - Extended Spring Training
18. Lenny Linsky - Bowling Green Hot Rods (DL)
19. Oscar Hernandez - Extended Spring Training
20. Derek Dietrich - Charlotte Stone Crabs

21. Ryan Carpenter - Bowling Green Hot Rods
22. Johnny Eierman - Extended Spring Training
23. Granden Goetzman - Extended Spring Training
24. Felipe Rivero - Bowling Green Hot Rods
25. Grayson Garvin - Charlotte Stone Crabs
26. Nick Barnese - Montgomery Biscuits (DL)
27. Tyler Bortnick - Montgomery Biscuits
28. Russ Canzler - Other (Cleveland Indians AAA)
29. Matt Bush - Other (Restricted List)
30. Justin O'Conner - Extended Spring Training


  1. where is reginatto and lyerly?

  2. oops ignore that comment. i see what this was now. SORRY def not top prospects :)

  3. Whats wrong with Linsky?

  4. Steven Tinoco is "inactive" with the Stonecrabs team.

    1. Thanks, that's what I heard earlier too. Guessing it will be made "official" on the 5th, once games start, added to roster and made inactive.

      Might be the same situation for Woodall.

  5. i expected to see Stephen Vogt on that list. Is there a reason he hasn't made the top 20 Prospect list yet?

    1. Simple - he wasn't a high draft pick who has been designated the next big thing by the contributors to this blog. No credit here for coming out of nowhere. Just like the tree in the woods, if a non-prospect outperforms their so-called phenoms, does it make a noise on "Rays Prospects"? You be the judge.

    2. I completely agree. You will get no love on this blog, unless you were a high draft pick or a popular international player. Vogt is a great example of this. another example is having Bush on this list. Bush was a prospect when he was drafted 8 years ago... 8!. He did nothing as a shortstop and now they convert him to a pitcher. Tell me what he has done as a pitcher to earn him a spot on this Top Prospects list.

      In my mind, Vogt has a MUCH better chance of contributing to the show than Bush does. But, Bush was a number one pick. so.....

    3. Vogt was a 12th round pick back in 2007, so a fairly high pick. Problem with Vogt is he's 27 1/2 years old and entering his 6th season he's only played 31 games at AAA. Sure he's missed time with injury, but that's not really a point in his favor. He's looked at by the Rays as primarily a LF/1B (who can catch a little). LF/1B need to hit for power, and Vogt has hit a total of 35 HRs in 5 years, with half of those (17) coming last year. Now it's good he's started to hit for more power, but will it continue?

      The Rays need a LF right now, they are considering moving Joyce to LF and having Zobrist play RF. Or using Elliot Johnson and Jeff Salazar to fill in. They also are shaky at catcher, with Molina never catching more than half a season and the unproven Lobaton. So you would think a guy who plays LF and can backup at catcher would be the perfect fit, right? Yet he's headed to Durham. Sure Lobaton is out of options, but if they thought he could do the job they would have kept Vogt for his flexibility.

      I listed him at 22 last June (I didn't vote on the more recent November list), and BA had him at 23 this spring, so he's not unnoticed. But there are only 30 spots to fill, and after 5 years he's just been passed by for guys with higher upsides. I still think he'd be a great bench player because of the positions he can play and the bat potential compared to most bench guys. But apparently the Rays disagree if the past couple of weeks mean anything.

      As far as Bush, I've never had him on my list. #1 I've just learned never to waste a spot on a reliever unless they've shown great results at AAA, and even then... #2 I just have never liked the guy and despite his arm I didn't think the Rays would put him in the MLB clubhouse. Guess I'm wrong about that too given some of the guys they acquired this offseason. And its not a very good reason I guess, but I only have 30 spots and I can fill those w/o listing an older AA RP who likes to beat up HS freshmen lacrosse players. So if you're looking for a bias, you've got me there! Sure it looks good in hindsight, but I never thought he'd blow up like this, just expected little crap on a regular basis.

      And if you want to pick apart our lists there are better players to point to. For ex: Robby Price. But that's just my opinion.

    4. by the way, Vogt just got promoted to the Rays. I guess he is a prospect after all

  6. I just read Stacy Long's "LEFT BEHIND" list. It looks to me, as though, the Hudson Valley Renegades will, once again, be dumped on. I'm amazed how quickly Tampa Bay is sending some of these young kids through the system. Making a minor league debut in long season ball seems crazy for a 19 year old. I hope we draft some college kids, who sign right away-before the July deadline- or HV may very well end up being a repeat of last season.

    1. The new, earlier signing deadline came one year too late for HV. Imagine what that team would have looked like if all the guys in the top 5 rounds would have had to sign in July and actually play a little. This year it won't matter as much, with no extra picks. Hope for college guys I guess. Still alot of talent to go to the short season teams, just don't know how much will go to HV vs Princeton and GCL. Last year was rough though by HV standards, and you guys called it as soon as rosters were announced in June.

  7. There is still some good talent n xspt Spann Henderson sale oconner depew played well n Princeton last season unless some get called up before june

  8. 2011-Sale played well????? 2011-O'Connor played well???? Not really. Maybe it will click this year?

    1. Ill give u that but the pitching was good

  9. Where's depew headed?