Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tampa Bay Rays Advance Scouting Reports

Tampa Bay RaysMarc Topkin has this on changes the Rays are making to their advance scouting:
And among the ideas is to switch from having a traditional advance scout on the road watching their next opponent in person, as most teams still do, to instead, as a few other teams do, preparing their reports internally using computers, data and video.

The theory, executive vice president Andrew Friedman said, is to provide manager Joe Maddon and staff with more extensive information — trends, stats, tendencies, etc. — that can be more easily applied.
"When an advance scout goes in there, he's seeing it for three, four days," [Maddon] said. "The data we're going to accumulate goes over a longer period of time, which would indicate it's more correct and not as much one man's subjective opinion. We feel as though this may be the next level of advance scouting."

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