Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hudson Valley Renegades Profiled

Hudson Valley RenegadesMiLB interviewed Hudson Valley Renegades general manager Eben Yager in their profile of the team:

" Has your team staged any notable promotions in recent years? Any that just didn't work?

EY: We were lucky enough to have a home run and win the 2008 Veeckie (Promotion of the Year) from ESPN the Magazine for our "Born in the USA" Night. We gave a legal alien an opportunity to win a U.S. citizenship by competing against other Americans in some good old fun American games. Unfortunately, he didn't win but we did make him the Ambassador of Dutchess Stadium for the year. Any team that goes for the home run is going to strike out and we definitely did that with our "One Night Stand" adult-only sleepover. The promotion went well during the game, but we didn't get any adults to sleep over after the game. But it did create a buzz around the Hudson Valley."

David Chalk at Bugs & Cranks had some thoughts on our note yesterday that Cal Ripken Jr. will attend the Charlotte Stone Crabs' home opener, specifically Ripken's statement that 'We think this will be one of the biggest nights in Charlotte County history': "It sounded like hyperbole or a bit to me at first, but a half-assed google search seems to indicate that nothing very historical has ever happened in Charlotte County, which was established in 1921. (I do have an email in to the County Historical Society seeking confirmation however.) Personally I think becoming the spring training home of the defending AL champions is ever so slightly more historical than the inaugural game of a single-A team, but I’m willing to let Cal have this one. Because he’s a decent guy, unlike Michael Phelps, Abe Pollin and Juwan Howard."

Something tells me David will have a few thoughts on Hudson Valley's "One Night Stand" promotion mentioned above.

The Durham Bulls will hold auditions for National Anthem singers for the 2009 season on Saturday, February 28th from 10:00 AM until 12:00 PM at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park. More information.

As a reminder, the Montgomery Biscuits will hold their sixth annual Job Fair on Saturday, February 7th, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Montgomery Riverwalk Stadium. The organization will hire in the areas of retail staff, food service, promotions, ticket operations, janitorial services, wait staff and guest services in preparation for the upcoming season. Front office staff members will be on site to conduct interviews. Available positions may be viewed by clicking the "jobs" link at Employees are asked to work the entirety of the 70-game home schedule. During the majority of the Biscuits' home games, close to 200 employees staff the stadium, with over one-third in the area of food service.

Andrew Friedman had this to say to Bill Chastain at regarding Derek Rodriguez: "We like Derek. We feel like he has an advanced feel for pitching, he changes arm angles, changes speeds, he misses bats," said Rays executive vice president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman after selecting Rodriguez. "We've got numerous reports that he makes hitters uncomfortable in the box with the different things he does. We're anxious to get him into big league camp and get a look at him first hand."

Maury Brown of The Biz of Baseball is not optimistic about MLB restructuring their television blackout policy anytime soon: "The sad reality for those living outside of the markets where their favorite team broadcasts is that odds are very good that this year – like the year before, and the year before that – will have the same MLB blackout policy that has aggravated fans shelling out nearly $200 each season with the idea that they will be able to “catch all the action.” Fans, it’s the bottom of the ninth with 2 outs, and the count 0-2. Time to don your rally caps."


  1. I do love me some adult sleepovers.
    I think Hudson Valley should combine the One Night Stand promotion with the citizenship bit and maybe that movie The Terminal. If you stay at the ballpark from Opening Day till the end of the season you win citizenship or amnesty or something.

  2. That's what I was thinking, combining the best and worse promotions. We have six themes to work with: "Born in the USA", legal alien, some good old fun American games, "One Night Stand" adult-only sleepover, and buzz around the Hudson Valley. Some of these may be repetitive. Surely we could create a Veeckie-winning promotion from that group. Sadly, I'm afraid it would go down history along side Nickel Beer Night, if not worse.