Monday, February 23, 2009

Joe Maddon On The Spring Training Opener

Manager Joe MaddonRoger Mooney has this from Joe Maddon on the starting lineup for Wednesday's spring training opener:
With that in mind, Rays manager Joe Maddon said he will make sure the defending American League champions are well-represented, at least for the first three innings.

"They’re going to announce the starting lineups, so I’m going to talk to the guys and see if I can get an at-bat out of everybody," Maddon said. "I think it will be great. These people are going to show up to see our guys and acknowledge what we done last year and the opening of the new facility, I think it would be appropriate. As long as there is no nicks, bumps or bruises, I probably will do that. You’ll see an A lineup out there, and then it will move along from there."

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