Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jim Hickey On Mitch Talbot

Mitch TalbotBill Chastain has this from Jim Hickey on Mitch Talbot:
"The first thing you see with Mitch -- the first thing anybody sees with Mitch -- is the stuff across the board," Rays pitching coach Jim Hickey said. "I oftentimes compare him to [James] Shields, and if you graded them out, it might even be better stuff across the board."

Of course, Shields currently has a better collection of intangibles in his toolbox. In the past, Talbot has struggled with his composure, but said he's been able to harness that the last couple of years.

"I don't know if Mitch has a temper, whether it's more controlling his emotions, but I think that's the difference, and being comfortable," Hickey said. "It's tough being comfortable when you come to the big leagues for the first time and you're facing Boston or whoever, and you're not doing very well. It's tough to say you were comfortable out there."

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