Friday, May 18, 2012

Rays All-DL Team

The Rays and their four full-season affiliates now have 25 players on the DL, rehab assignment, or restricted list. That's an entire team roster. For fun I thought I'd see what that team would look like.

Robinson Chirinos
Jose Lobaton
Nevin Ashley
Luke Bailey

Brandon Allen

Isaias Velasquez (a reach, he hasn't played there since 2009)

Tim Beckham

Evan Longoria

Sam Fuld

Desmond Jennings

Brandon Guyer

Extra OFs:
Kevin Kiermaier
Kes Carter

Jeff Niemann
Alex Colome
Nick Barnese
Parker Markel
Bryan Augenstein

Jairo De La Rosa (backup middle infielder)
Matt Bush (backup middle infielder)
Jay Buente
Chris Andujar
Zach Quate
Lenny Linsky

Kyle Farnsworth

One of the catchers can be DH. Other than too many catchers (depth!) and a sort-of second baseman, not a bad team. The rotation is a little young, but overall probably a better team than the Bulls this year.


  1. Pretty Fun Guys! Not going to lie. Lets get heathly boys! :)

  2. You're right. Pretty darn good team.

  3. Roster is now at 26: Add Wilking Rodriguez to the rotation from Charlotte (guess we'll move Augenstein to the All-DL pen). They called up TJ Geith from XST for Wilking and moved CJ Riefenhauser to the rotation for now (starting tonight). No word on what's wrong with Wilking.

    This is getting silly, and Rhymes missed going on the DL by a miracle.

  4. Also, Catcher Justin O'Connor will only be playing DH, not catching. Oh, boy...

  5. Roster back to 25 for the DL team: Parker Markel being activated to start Saturday's game for Bowling Green. Sounds like he'll pitch a few and then Felipe Rivero will come in to relieve him, piggy back start. After the off day on Tuesday it will be Floethe on Wed, Rivero will make his regular start on Thursday, and then Markel on Friday.

    Don't know who is leaving to make room for Markel yet on the BG roster.

  6. For BG RHRP Stayton Thomas was made inactive/sent to Hudson Valley to open the spot for Markel.

  7. Chirinos is a former middle infielder also I believe.

  8. Good point, played a lot of 2B, SS, and 3B up until around 2008. Another thing on Chirinos that may only be interesting to me, when he finally plays in 2012 it will be his 12th season of minor league ball. Started in 2001 for the Arizona League Cubs as a 17 year-old. He has 3,711 minor league plate appearances.

    1. Matt Bush is on the Restricted List, and Tim Beckham is suspended. Neither is on the DL.

  9. Add another: The Charlotte Stone Crabs have placed RHRP Nate Garcia on the 7-day DL retro to 5/18. He hasn't pitched since a 4 inning outing on the 14th.

    Anon: yes, it's not only DL guys, as the first sentence says. I used DL for the title since most are DL and "Rays All-DL/Rehab Assignment/Restricted List Team" was a little long.

  10. Riefenhauser should be in Montgomery or higher by pitcher in the minors for the Rays. Floethe should be in Charlotte, he has been nails except 1 outing, without that outing he would have CJ numbers. The draft is around the corner and there are alot of talent still in extended spring that could be added to BG. Position players in Bowling Green should probably stay put for the season (young talent)...Carpenter is getting hit a little too much to move up .300 ba against him but last few outings are looking better. If he keeps doing better then move him up by midseason. Rivero is still young and should be moved slowly. Keep him in the rotation at BG. Partridge should be moved into the rotation when Floethe gets moved up. He has earned a spot but so has McKechen.

  11. Keppinger can play 2B for this team now so at least that problem is fixed.....

  12. Yeah, Doug, that would have been a long title. I wasn't trying to be a d&#k, just pointing out.