Monday, May 14, 2012

Minor Moves: Acosta, Torres, Segovia, Vogt

Bulls catcher Stephen Vogt was recalled by the Rays today resulting in a shift at the catcher position system wide. Here are the resulting moves:

  • Mayo Acosta was promoted to the Durham Bulls 
  • Alejandro Torres was promoted to the Charlotte Stone Crabs 
  • Alejandro Segovia was activated from the Bowling Green Hot Rods inactive list 
  • Stephen Vogt was recalled by the Tampa Bay Rays 

Acosta was hitting .278 with 8 doubles, 3 home runs and 15 RBI's in 22 games with the Stone Crabs. The promotion to Triple-A marks the first time he has been promoted above Charlotte.

Torres has appeared in just six games for the Hot Rods this season. He is just 3 for 20 with an RBI in those games. This is his second stint with the Stone Crabs having spent a portion of the 2011 season with the Stone Crabs.

Segovia has been reactivated by the Hot Rods after playing 14 games for the Hot Rods this season. He is hitting .250 with 3 doubles, a triple, a homer and 3 RBI's in 44 at-bats.

Vogt is making his second appearance of the season with the Rays after being named to their opening day roster. Vogt heads back to the big league club still searching for his first MLB hit as he is 0 for 13 so far the major league level. For Durham, Vogt has hits .214 with a double, triple and a homer in 19 games this season.


  1. Niemann to DL with fractured fibula. Gotta think that means Cobb called up. He threw 99 pitches over 5 shutout innings tonight, 3 hits, 8 Ks. Since they both started tonight Cobb's perfectly set up to take his place.

    On another note, Alex Torres only threw 6 pitches in relief tonight, 4 balls and 2 strikes as he walked the only batter he faced.

  2. WD40 should get the starting spot, with Cobb replacing him in LR. Davis has earned it. On another note, and thoughts on the signing of Ryan Garko? Hs he ever played 3rd? I thought i remember him playing it for the Indians, but it looks like i was incorrect.

  3. Re: Garko ... this is getting ridiculous. That makes 13 (!) position players in ML/AAA/AA that were not in the Rays organization last year. In no particular order, they are Gimenez, Scott, Rhymes, Keppinger, Allen, Miranda, Mangini, Feliciano, Hudson, Salazar, Matsui, Coon and Garko. And it's 14 if you consider Pena returning. What does it say about the Rays' (in my mind overrated) "organization"? Let's just cut the c**p and admit that the Rays do not develop talent, and have lost (or affirmatively dropped) any long-range plan to "win now". What was that? Did I hear someone say "Stephen Vogt"? Do you actually think he was part of some grand plan 2 or 3 years ago? He came out of nowhere, relatively speaking. Over there? Did I hear "Henry Wrigley"? He was no more than a organization guy until he blossomed. He must to be eligible for FA this year (he was a 2005 draft pick). If so, and he has options outside TB, he should strongly consider them.

  4. As i have mentioned before, here or another site, there is a real lack of developmental talent at AAA and AA. I think they realize this, and brought in fill in talent until the young guys in A+ and lower move up. There is no history of this current organization developing hitters/fielders. We have pitching at all levels, and 5 homegrown starters. However we currently have (without injuries), 1 homegrown infielder (Longo) and 2 homegrown outfielders (Upton, Jennings). Elliot Johnson adds another, and that is it. I think it is a point of concern.

    1. I agree, but only to a degree. Longoria and Upton were not "developed". They were can't miss prospects that spent very little time in MiL. Jennings IS a development success story, no question. You say there is a lack of upper-level positional talent, but is that because these guys didn't have the goods to begin with or because they didn't progress/improve under the Rays' MiL tutelage? If the former, shame on them for overreaching or bad scouting. If the latter, why have any confidence the current A/A+ players will fulfill their promise? What's changed in the interim?

    2. I have been trying to find the answer to that myself. I don't know if its a product of the system, or the scouting. They havent been very successful in the Latin schools either, however most of the starting pitching in A+ is from there. I hope something is resolved, because if we run out of minor league talent, we will be screwed in the long run.

  5. Maybe TB got rid of a lot of their talented players way too soon, and now they're having to fill in the spaces with other teams' releases/free agents. I'm refering to OF Chris Murrill, OF/IF Anthony Scelfo, 2B Raymond Church, 1B Matt Fields, 1B Eli Sonoqui, and the list goes on. This isn't the same TB organization. It's changed. I feel bad about that.