Sunday, May 27, 2012

Future Considerations Podcast (Episode 23: Draft Talk with Matt Garrioch)

Matt Garrioch (@mattgarrioch) of Minor League Ball and MLB Prospect Guide join Scott and Kevin to break down this year's draft.

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  1. How Long before Josh Sale gets back in the lineup?

  2. Yea I am curious as to how long Sale is out for too...and what about Carter? Good god that boy knows how to something little into something serious. No offense to him, but does he actually want to play? He spends way too much time on the DL. I mean how many total games has he played since he was drafted? Maybe a dozen? It was shin splints last year. Come on. Tough UP

  3. Good job guys. Matt was a great guest, knowledgeable and seemed like a nice guy.

    If you haven't listened yet, it's a quicker one than usual, under a half hour.

    Re Sale, still no roster move so day-to-day. I listened to tonight's BG game since it was the only late game, and for news on Sale. Nothing. Unless I missed it of course. The commercials every 30 seconds with "Warren County Judge-Executive Mike Buchanon" kind of zone me out after a few innings. It's the same every game too. What does he want? Why is he advertising BG baseball in the middle of a BG baseball game? How can he be stopped?