Monday, July 18, 2011

Touch 'Em All Time

Today's theme is pitchers from the 2010 draft. Leading off is Sean T. McMann with a profile of Hudson Valley righthander Parker Markel (39th round):
"I can get both righties and lefties, but I think with the way that my stuff is, I think lefties have a little bit more of a disadvantage — just the way the ball moves. Movement is a big thing; (lefties) tend to pound balls into the ground against me."

Pitching coach Jack Giese said Markel's fastball "tops out at 97" MPH most outings, and he consistently throws between 92 and 97, giving him tools many hurlers his age can't match.
Giese said Markel "would collapse on his back side a little bit," a problem he and other coaches helped fix in extended spring training before breaking camp and heading north. "The key is, the velocity is one thing," Giese said, "but he throws a bowling ball. It is so heavy, it's unbelievable and that's where his success comes from."

Next up, Dave Gershman scouted Hudson Valley lefthander Justin Woodall (26th round):
Woodall has a very exciting arm, an arm that features a fastball with some bore that ranges in the 91-93 range. In addition, he throws it for strikes and has real quick arm action, almost as if he's throwing a football.
Woodall features the aforementioned fastball that I discussed, a slider which he throws in the 82-84 range and a change up which needs refining. He has lots of trouble throwing strikes but at the same time is extremely tough to hit, which is why I think he has value as a potential lefty out of the pen despite being a 23-year old in short season A-ball.

And finally, Jonathan Greene reported on Princeton lefty Brandon Henderson (15th round):
“It’s a lot better playing in front of fans,” Henderson said with a smile. “In the GCL, we get five or 10 people a game. It’s a lot more interesting having fans. That’s what the game’s about.”

Unlike power pitching left handers, those fans will get to see Henderson rely on a fastball that tops off in the low 90’s, mixed with off speed pitches. “I have some good off-speed pitches — curveball, slider, change-up — but, everything works off the fastball,” he added. “If you don’t locate your fastball, all those other pitches won’t work.”

Moves: RHP Dirk Hayhurst placed on Durham's DL retro to 7/15; LHP R.J. Swindle released. Apparently Swindle had an opt-out clause and used it, unlike last year.

Oscar Watch: VSL doesn't play on Sundays. Hernandez stands at .409/.511/.757 with 17 homers through 51 games. Not only does he walk (25) almost as much as he strikes out (31), the right-handed hitting catcher is pounding RHPs (.416/.512/.759 in 137 AB) even more than lefties (.386/.509/.750 in 44 AB).

Trivia: What did Tim Beckham do for the first time this season on Sunday?

Hot: Julio Cedeno, 3B for Bowling Green. Since returning from the DL on July 13th he's 7 for 17 (.412) with a double, a homer and four RBI.

Not: Leonardo Reginatto, IF for Hudson Valley. Since the 4th of July he's 3 for 32 (.094) with no extra-base hits.

Stat 'O The Day: In honor of Markel, ERA leaders (minimum 25 IP).
Pitcher             Team(s)  ERA  G GS   IP  WHIP H/9 HR/9 BB/9 SO/9
Parker Markel           HDV 0.00  5  5 25.2 0.701 3.5  0.0  2.8  6.7
Joynerd Gonzalez        VSL 0.98 12  0 27.2 1.337 7.5  0.0  4.6  4.2
Brandon Gomes           DHM 1.07 20  0 25.1 0.947 6.0  0.4  2.5 14.2
Geisel De La Cruz*      DSL 1.34  8  7 33.2 0.950 6.1  0.3  2.4  9.1
Mickey Jannis       HDV/CHA 1.55  9  0 29.0 1.069 7.8  0.3  1.9  6.5
Chris Rearick*          BWG 1.56 30  0 52.0 0.827 5.7  0.2  1.7 10.2
Andres Gonzalez         VSL 1.74 10  9 41.1 1.040 8.5  0.0  0.9  5.7
Jason McEachern         HDV 1.80  6  6 30.0 0.733 4.5  0.3  2.1  9.9
Jose Torres             DSL 1.87  7  5 33.2 1.040 6.4  0.3  2.9  4.8
Alex Cobb               DHM 1.87 12 12 67.1 1.144 8.2  0.5  2.1  9.4
Name That Minor Leaguer ===>

Hint #1: 2010 draft pick, of course.

Hint #2: Left handed.

Hint #3: Middle name is Blake.

Hint #4: Born in Tennessee.


  1. Yes, Beckham batted leadoff yesterday for the first time this season. And bonus points for phrasing your answer in the form of a question!

  2. Keith Law was raving about Parker Markel. He could turn out to be a stud,either in the future rotation or pen.

  3. So the theme for the article (and much of the 2010 draft) is really more specifically LH pitchers?

    I saw Henderson & Spann in the GCL last year (I was one of the 5-10 fans I guess) and liked both. Brandon seems to understand how to pitch, is a great kid, so should have a solid future. Spann (pictured above) is long, lean & a quiet, easygoing kid until he gets on the hill, and then he is all business. Henderson had a couple firsts this year as well, got to face Jim Thome in XST and gave up four HR in a game the other night.

    And I agree with the report on Woodall, best known as safety on the 'Bama national champs, but for a kid who hadn't played baseball since freshman year I believe he has really come along well. He has the mentality and can bring it, I can see a quick rise through the system if he works on something a little slower to go with the two power pitches.

    I like the new format, if you are still concerned with Alyssa fighting you for the name how about, "Under the Ray-dar"?

  4. I'll take Montgomery Lineups for $400, Doug.

  5. Woodall intruges me, I think he gets moved up to charalotte next year, and could move quite quickly

  6. Doug - did the Rays organization ever announce MiLB Players of the Month for June?

  7. Jim, I would bet against a quick rise through the system for any player. Look how they've handled Matt Bush, who had low mileage on his arm. Eight appearances in the past month.

  8. Chirinos,cobb, and torres to tampa. Lobaton and cruz to dl. Russell dfa. Moore to AAA? I hope so

  9. The Rays MiLB Players of the Month for June 2011 were Jason McEachern (Hudson Valley) Oscar Hernandez (VSL Rays).

  10. Biscuits top 5 position players: Vogt, Beckham, Wrigley, Ashley, Shelby

  11. Kevin, I would tend to agree with you about Woodall except he is a LH who is not overthrowing to get in the low to mid 90's and the football experience has him ready to handle more of the "stuff" that goes with being in the big time. No inside info or anything, just a hunch that he can handle it.

    Bush does give me pause as well, he looked very good in ST and seemed to have learned to use the breaking pitches more, I also thought he was a candidate for fast riser.

  12. Moore has been moved up to durham according to topkin

  13. Also read that Vogt will be getting xrays for a hit to the jaw and Ashley was promoted to Durham. Many catchers getting hurt these past few days. Who will be catching in Montgomery? Will Jefferies move back there? Holloway?