Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The shuffle begins

  • Dane De la Rosa recalled from Durham to Tampa Bay.
  • Marquis Fleming and Jim Paduch promoted to Durham. This leaves Montgomery with 11 pitchers right now with two of them being Joe Cruz and Ricky Orta (both on DL) --> 9 (!!) pitchers on the roster right now! In this regard, I would promote Josh Satow and Sergio Espinosa and sign a new starter for AA. The only Stone Crabs starter I'd consider moving up to AA would be Alex Colome. What's your opinion?

Initiated by injuries (Wade Davis, John Jaso, Juan Cruz and Jose Lobaton), the DFA of Adam Russell and the mediocre performances by Andy Sonnanstine, the mid-season roster shuffle began.

Starting pitching:
  • Alex Cobb is up in the Rays' rotation for the injured Wade Davis.
  • Alex Torres was called up to the majors for the Yankees game (and we all know how that went) and demoted back to Durham straight after it.
  • Matt Moore was called up to Durham. This move was long overdue and requested in one of our recent posts.
  • There is no word out yet who takes Moore's spot in the rotation back in Montgomery.
Relief pitching:
  • It's Kyle Farnsworth, Joel Peralta, J.P. Howell, Jacob McGee, Brandon Gomes and Cesar Ramos right now in the pen. Alex Torres and Andy Sonnanstine are in AAA, Adam Russell was DFA'd and Juan Cruz is hurt. Who will fill the 7th bullpen spot? Or are the Rays going with an additional bench bat (highly unlikely after the heavy BP usage of the recent games)?
  • One option for a possible BP spot was granted its release, though. R.J. Swindle is no longer part of the Bulls pen.
  • Ryan Reid was promoted to Durham.
  • John Jaso and Jose Lobaton are on the DL. Kelly Shoppach and Robinson Chirinos will do the catching in the next games. Nevin Ashley takes the biggest share of the Lobaton/Chirinos PA's in Durham. He has been promoted from Montgomery.
  • John Matulia has been promoted to Durham.


  1. I hope we move jake thompson to AA

  2. We are finally starting to see more of what our future has in store. For so long, it felt like we weren't playing for this year and weren't seeing what we had in the future. All the call ups (McGee, Gomes, Chirinos should stay and we have gotten a great look at Cobb) and of course Moore is now in a position to have a great Spring and slam that door down anytime in 2012. But we have to do a little more, Jennings and Guyer have to be up here.

  3. Marquis Fleming also promoted to Durham

  4. Could this be the opening in Montgomery, that Josh Satow's been waiting for?

  5. To Anon #2 - I'm confused by your comment. It seems to me "we" (I assume you are referring to the Rays) HAVE been playing for this year and, as you say, not looking at what is in the system (i.e., signing ML free agents (Ramirez, Damon, and Kotchman), the Garza trade and the signing of several high-level MiL free agents (Canzler, Mayora), the Anderson signing, as well as retaining Dan Johnson after he flamed-out in Tampa Bay). All this has done is put titanium ceilings above the guys that have paid their dues as original Rays draftees and have earned at least a shot at moving up. There's also an item on Yahoo! that purports that Tampa Bay may trade Hellickson to St. Louis for an outfielder! An outfielder? What about Guyer and Jennings?!? C'mon, stop with the band aids, develop your talent and move up the guys that are ready.

  6. That makes 6 players that have left Montgomery for Durham in the last week. Although Phillips is now off the DL & Wendt is back, that still leaves MGM short 4 including 2 rotation spots. I Still haven't heard if Vogt is okay from last night's game. I was there, he was down a few minutes and was unable to get up and leave the field on his own power. It didn't look good. They had an off day today but I'm surprised no moves from Charlotte have been made. Considering they have a DH on Sat, I don't see how the current pitching staff will work.

  7. Great point Mary, I've been waiting for Charlotte -> Montgomery moves this afternoon, forgot about the off day. They can make it with relievers splitting up a game, but going to need starters asap. Catcher is a bigger worry right away though.

  8. ok i know i am about to sound really negative but its time to get rid of some of these guys that aren't producing and haven't been producing.

  9. I hope out of all of this Riefenhauser ends up in Charlotte with a shot at Montgomery next year.


  11. I hate to see so many of my favorite players leave Montgomery, but I'm happy that they are getting the opportunity to play up. Sort of bittersweet seeing them leave.

  12. What are the chances that Adam Russell clears waivers and accepts a assignment to Durham ?

  13. He's big and throws hard but almost every system has at least one guy like that, and his MLB numbers were pretty bad (20 walks, 13 strikeouts) that I'd say he has a pretty good chance.