Saturday, July 30, 2011

Touch 'Em All Time

Jim Shonerd handled yesterday's Prospect Hot Sheet chat:
Jason (Amherstview): In your opinion, who do you think are the top candiates for minor league player of the year?

Jim Shonerd: If Matt Moore keeps this up, he has to be the clear favorite. Teheran and Paul Goldschmidt would be worthy candidates, and I'm sure we could come up with more, but I think it's Moore's to lose. Harper could get back into contention if he finishes strong in Double-A.
Cale (Houston): What do scouts like to see this GO/AO statisic be for pitchers? No less than what? Thanks.

Jim Shonerd: Had a scout tell me a couple years ago that 1.50 is the number he looks for. That means you're getting it done.

Ex-Rays News: Recently released VSL Rays RHP Hugo Garcia has been suspended:
The Office of the Commissioner of Baseball announced today that two free agent Minor League players have been suspended following their violations of the Minor League Drug Prevention and Treatment Program. Alejandro Arteaga has received a 50-game suspension after testing positive for Nandrolone and Stanozolol, and fellow free agent pitcher Hugo Garcia received a 50-game suspension after testing positive for Boldenone. In both instances, the suspension will become effective immediately if the player signs with another Major League organization.
Garcia, who turned 19 on July 26, pitched for the Rays' VSL affiliate this year after appearing in eight games for the Mets' VSL club last season. He had an 8.10 ERA in 6 2/3 innings this summer and last took the mound June 17, when he failed to record an out against the VSL Phillies.

Moves: None. Can't remember how long it's been since there hasn't been a single move by any of the ten teams.

Oscar Watch: Hernandez went 0 for 3 with a walk and a run scored on Friday. Ends five-game hit streak and drops average down to .397 on the year.

Malm Watch: 1 for 4 with a HBP, RBI, and two runs scored on Friday. Batting .330/.450/.659 for the month of July.

End Of Season Watch: Last scheduled regular-season game for each affiliate:
Durham Bulls - September 5th
Montgomery Biscuits - September 5th
Charlotte Stone Crabs - September 4th
Bowling Green Hot Rods - September 5th
Hudson Valley Renegades - September 4th
Princeton Rays - August 30th
GCL Rays - August 27th
VSL Rays - August 6th
DSL Rays - August 20th

Hot: Drew Vettleson, Princeton Rays. Single last night extended his hitting streak to nine games. Hitting .344/.426/.633 in 90 at-bats for the month of July. Fourteen of his 31 hits this month have been for extra bases and he has more walks than strikeouts (15 to 14).

Not: Matt Sweeney, Montgomery Biscuits. With a single last night he's now 1 for 25 in the month of July. He batted .134 in April, .195 in May, .116 in June, and .040 so far in July.

Stat 'O The Day: On-base percentage, minimum 100 plate appearances.
Batter            Team  PA   BA  OBP
Oscar Hernandez    VSL 263 .397 .494
Cameron Seitzer*   PRI 140 .345 .443
Taylor Motter      PRI 118 .330 .432
Jeff Malm*         HDV 165 .301 .424
Tyler Bortnick     CHA 443 .299 .421
Robby Price*       BWG 401 .263 .419
Jose Lobaton#      DHM 224 .293 .410
Adderly Rosa#      DSL 198 .268 .409
Jose Bellorin      VSL 214 .317 .403
Kyeong Kang*       MTG 258 .276 .401

Name That Minor Leaguer ===>

Hint #1: Hat is correct.

Hint #2: Venezuelan.

Hint #3: Middle name is Alberto.

Hint #4: Signed July 3rd, 2007.


  1. The pictured player is felix gonzalez.

  2. Former Ray question. I see Ryan Royster got placed on waivers then released from Brocton( Can Am League) does anyone know where he is or if he signed with an affiliated team? He was third in their league in HR's kind of odd.

  3. Haven't seen anything since his release. I know he was hurt (wrist, x-rays neg) in early July, but I think he played afterwards. May have decided to retire, don't think they released him for performance like you said. I'll go check all the indy leagues and see if I find anything. The Rox used to have a blog about the team too, might have more there than on the official page.

  4. Ryan Royster has been heading an baseball program called Pro Player Baseball. This a program of high school and college players, either already in college or in thier first year. He has been doing a great job, in getting these see and signed with JCs or four year schools. Webpage is

  5. Wrong Ryan Royster, the one with PPB is in the Mariners org (also they look nothing alike). Jake Jefferies from the Rays org is with PPB as an instructor though. I checked all of the Indy leagues transactions pages, nothing yet.

  6. EX Ray Minor Leaguer, Jason Patton, is hitting 325 for the River City Rascals in the Frontier League. Hitting 373 since moving to the Rascals from the Gateway Grizzlies. Very low strikeout ratio and errorless defense in Right Field.

    He has much more potential then he was given the opportunity to show with the Rays.

  7. Anonymous 7:14- I agree with you. I always felt that TB didn't really give him much of a chance. Released him after 1 season.