Sunday, December 28, 2008

Looking at Our Pitchers: 2008 Rays Organization

Tampa Bay RaysThis is a summary of team pitching by level from last year. First, here are the definitions of the stats used from the StatCorner Glossary:

tRA: "tRA involves assigning run and out values to all events under a pitcher's control and coming up with an expected number of runs allowed and outs generated in a defense and park neutral environment. tRA is on a R/9 scale and does not involve any regression of the rates so while it should be more useful at determining a pitcher's true talent level, the best method for pitching projection is to use tRA*, the regressed version of tRA." This is how well they pitched.

pRAA: "Stands for pitching runs above average. Using tRA as the benchmark, the formula is (lgTRA * xOuts / 27) - xRuns." This is how much 'value' they added (or cost) their team based on the quality and quantity of their pitching.

Rays Organization Pitching
Tampa Bay Rays SP27.5MLB4.4940.2
Tampa Bay Rays RP27.5MLB4.58-5.6
Durham Bulls SP26.4AAA4.6019.2
Durham Bulls RP26.4AAA4.80-24.7
Montgomery Biscuits SP25.1AA5.01-15.9
Montgomery Biscuits RP25.1AA5.42-27.4
Vero Beach Devil Rays SP24.3A+4.3716.5
Vero Beach Devil Rays RP24.3A+4.23-4.9
Columbus Catfish SP22.5A5.62-50.5
Columbus Catfish RP22.5A5.03-26.2

Notes: Age is the average age of all pitchers on the team. SP is starting pitchers and RP is relief pitchers. StatCorner only covers down to full-season A ball, so Hudson Valley, Princeton, DSL and VSL are not included.

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