Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jennings #5 Position Prospect, Vote For #6

Desmond JenningsThis time the voting was never close and Desmond Jennings is the #5 position prospect in the Rays organization with 62% of the vote. Michael Sheridan was 2nd with 14% and John Jaso was 3rd with 7%. Replacing Jennings in the vote for #6 is Anthony Scelfo. Voting results for pitchers and position prospects are on the sidebar under "Fan Voting Top Prospects".


  1. I went with Jaso here. And I suggest Kyeong Kang for the next poll.

  2. I did too, MLB ~ready (at least as a backup), walks vs. strikeouts, improving defense (catchers do that over time), position scarcity, hard to argue against him. And done on Kang, he'll be next, unless someone makes a better case.

  3. Dude's got a stroke for sure (Jaso)