Friday, November 21, 2008

Winter League Stats Update

Rays players Winter League statistics through Thursday's games:

Andrus, EroldVWL2625110149.192.300.308
Gimenez, HectorVWL721424200121316.333.432.361
Guzman, JoelDWL5391750310412.321.393.585
Hall, J.T.AFL7691822012922.237.314.316
Hughes, RhyneAFL1092043123527733.394.432.697
Jaso, JohnVWL1012100012.200.273.300
Jennings, DesmondAFL39792017410.231.326.359
Loyola, MaikoDWL821000032.125.364.125
Martinez, GabrielPRL3448200445.235.333.294
Perez, FernandoVWL803020002.375.375.875
Spring, MattAFL574101029617.175.250.298
Suarez, CesarVWL40812211417.300.333.475
Weber, JonMPL614132015616.213.284.295

Hendrickson, BenVWL3210.16.104.554.468.
Hernandez, CarlosVWL200.240.5012.
Kelly, ChrisPRL409.
Mason, ChrisAFL13013.010.384.744.652.83.514.50.7
Morlan, EduardoPRL506.
Phillips, HeathMPL7742.23.383.793.866.
Reid, RyanAFL10014.06.434.203.9711.64.510.31.3
Salas, JuanDWL201.
Thayer, DaleMPL808.01.132.332.505.
Townsend, WadeAFL3310.28.445.545.386.
Wlodarczyk, MikeAFL12013.07.625.975.1912.

AFL = Arizona Fall League, MPL = Mexican Pacific League, DWL = Dominican Winter League, VWL = Venezuelan Winter League, PRL = Puerto Rican League.


  1. I am confused about Guzman. Thought he was a free agent at this point. Do we still control him?

  2. On 9/9/08 he ws Designated for Assignment, on 9/12/08 he was Outrighted to the Minors. He has not filed for free agency so he remains on Durham's roster and under the Rays control at this point. He could be released or offered a minor league contract in the future.