Sunday, November 9, 2008

Organizational Batting Leaders: OPS

Kyeong Kang
Johnson, Dan28AAA.980
Otero, Elias20R.932
Richard, Chris34AAA.921
Ruggiano, Justin26AAA.911
Fronk, Reid21A.890
Guillen, Cesar19DSL.868
Nowak, Chris25AA, AAA.855
Cedeno, Julio18VSL.828
Jaso, John24AA, AAA.817
Scelfo, Anthony21A-.814
Jefferies, Jacob20A-.812
Hughes, Rhyne24AA.804
Kang, Kyeong (pictured)20A-.801
Corder, Jason22A-.798
Martinez, Gabriel25AA.793
Reynolds, Burt19R.788
Torres, Alejandro19VSL.785
Guerra, Omar21VSL.784
Eldridge, Rashad26AA.782
Weber, Jon30AAA.781

Note: Minimum 100 AB's to qualify. Michael Sheridan (A-) would have been 16th with .790 but he didn't have enough AB's due to injuries.

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