Monday, November 10, 2008

John Sickels Rays Top 20

I'm not the biggest Sickels fan, but here's his Rays top 20 prospects list.

Among the nits I have to pick with the list: I think it's weird that Jake Jefferies is a grade higher than Reid Brignac(it's B- vs. C+, but still).


  1. I disagree with alot of that list as well. Davis was a A- last year and while he wasnt great in AA, he did very well in AAA. I dont see why his grade was lowered.

    Hellickson was a B+ last year as well. Why doesnt he move up? He was dominant again this year and is closer to the majors.

    Barnese was a B- last year as well. I dont understand why he didnt move guys up a grade after a successful year in a higher level.

    I really like Jefferies but to have him over Brignac is ridiculous. Brignac is a great defensive SS and has good power potential (especially for a SS), and speed.

    I really think Cobb should have made the list as well. I like Lobstein and all but Cobb just dominated the sally league at 20. Maybe he's not as projectable but he's getting the job done very well at a higher level and should be rewarded.

  2. Agree with everything except Cobb. Look up Columbus on StatCorner, or look at his FIP and DIPS on this site. He is only 20, so he can still improve, but he didn't dominate in '08. Other than Cobb, you hit the nail on the head.