Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Prospect Poll: #5 Pitcher

Jeff Niemann wins the Rays #4 Pitching Prospect with 41% of the vote. Jacob McGee was 2nd with 17% and Nick Barnese was 3rd with 14%. Replacing Niemann in the poll for #5 is RHSP Joseph Cruz, our 2007 30th round pick. For pitcher statistics (you'll have to search by name) see Baseball-Reference, First Inning, StatCorner, or Minor League Baseball.

1. David Price (78% of the vote)
2. Wade Davis (58%)
3. Jeremy Hellickson (65%)
4. Jeff Niemann (41%)


  1. Tough one, and they'll just get harder as we go along. My head said Talbot, my heart said Barnese over Rollins and Moore. I'll add a chart with '08 stats for the poll winners next time, with each level broken out, and I'll include tRA*. Feel free to make new nominations. Morlan? Darcy? Hinkle? Dyer? Bencomo?

  2. I voted McGee. I'm not going to hold the injury against him. The only thing I don't like about McGee is his possible future in the bullpen. It was close between him, Barnese and Moore (I really like Moore).

  3. I voted for Jacob McGee. TJS has a pretty good success rate, and although his future appears to be in the pen, flame throwing lefty relievers are a valuable commodity. Moore is just too far away to rank ahead of McGee for me, I want to see him face more advanced hitters first.

    Another intriguing guy to check out is Alexander Colome. BA had a nice write up about him earlier in the year.

  4. Since it's close and I won't be around tomorrow, the poll will remain up until sometime Friday. I didn't really think McGee would have a chance because of the TJS: uncertainty about recovery, lost time, possible move to bullpen, not a great 2008 to begin with, etc. I would have bet Barnese and Moore would be way out in the lead. I guess that's why we have the vote. Don't forget to make nominations for upcoming polls, Andrew's nomination of Alexander Colome is duly noted.

  5. Nominations so far: Jeremy Hall, Alexander Colome, Trevor Shull, Will Kline.