Monday, November 17, 2008

Your Rays Top 10 Pitching Prospects - Fan Vote

Heath RollinsHeath Rollins wins the Rays #10 Pitching Prospect with 56% of the vote. Eduardo Morlan and Kyle Lobstein tied for 2nd with 13%. I could have left it open longer to get a clear 2nd place finisher, but Rollins had the 10th spot wrapped up. We'll start posting Top 10 Hitters polls at some point in the future.

Your Top 10:
1. David Price (78% of the vote)
2. Wade Davis (58%)
3. Jeremy Hellickson (65%)
4. Jeff Niemann (41%)
5. Jacob McGee (37%)
6. James Houser (32%)
7. Mitch Talbot (30%)
8. Nick Barnese (43%)
9. Matthew Moore (53%)
10. Heath Rollins (56%)


  1. I think the big surprise is how high Houser is.

  2. Yep, the only one with "suspicious" voting. A lot of votes in a short period of time for Houser. But they checked out as far as I could tell so I let the results stand. If you move Barnese and Moore up to replace Houser and McGee, great list. But it's not too bad as is.