Friday, January 6, 2012

The Minor League lineups: Durham Bulls (AAA)

After finishing the positional runthrough I'm going to take a look at the projected lineups of each of the Rays minor league affiliates.

I'll start with the Durham Bulls:

1 2B Cole Figueroa (L)
2 SS Tim Beckham (R)
3 CF Brandon Guyer (R)
4 1B/DH Juan Miranda (L)
5 DH/1B Russ Canzler (R)
6 LF Stephen Vogt (L)
7 3B Matt Mangini (L)
8 C Robinson Chirinos (R)
9 RF Kyeong Kang (L)

C Nevin Ashley (R)
MIF Shawn O'Malley (S)
1B/3B Henry Wrigley (R)
LF/1B Leslie Anderson (L)
OF John Shelby (R)
OF Emeel Salem (L)

The lineup of the Bulls seems to be very impressive once again. Even without further additions to the roster (which I think will come) it is very potent. Cole Figueroa, Tim Beckham and Shawn O'Malley (maybe even Emeel Salem) are very good fits for the top of the order with decent on-base rates (Figueroa and O'Malley already, Beckham hopefully improving) and above average speed. The power hitters Brandon Guyer, Juan Miranda, Russ Canzler and Stephen Vogt are the heart of the lineup while players like Matt Mangini, Robinson Chirinos and Kyeong Kang are way better with the bat then their lineup-position (7-9) in my projection indicates.


  1. Miranda is out of options. Not sure he will clear waivers.

  2. He was signed to a minor league deal.

  3. Vogt does not fit the mold of a Ray outfielder with lack of super speed.His power number will not let him play 1st base.Has a nice average and so/bb ratio.Is his defense/arm decent ?

    Where did Salem play last year ?

  4. Vogt's speed is deceiving- he's a lot faster than you'd think.

  5. @Anon 10:32: Salem was hurt all of '11. In '10 he mostly played in AA (+ 3 games in AAA).

  6. can't understand this love affair people have with Kang. i can't find one thing in his stat line that distinguishes him.

  7. I am not sure that it "distinguishes" him, but a positive seems to be that he has good plate discipline as indicated by a .360 career OBP, .384 last year based on a 13.8% BB rate (per plate appearance).

    Except for one poor season at High A, he has had an OPS over .800 in 3 of his last 4 years, and he hit more Home Runs in 2011 (11) than in any previous season. Again, for a corner outfielder, that is not distinguished, but it provides hope that he can find a role in the majors. In that sense, it does distinguish him from the average minor leaguer, few of whom ever get even a cup of coffee in the majors.

    Given that, I think that he does represent a better than average bat in AAA for a #9 hitter as he is projected to be by BurGi. "Love Affair" is too strong a phrase; appreciation for his bat as a #9 hitter in Durham seems closer to the mark.

  8. 1 2B Cole Figueroa (L)
    2 SS Tim Beckham (R)
    3 RF Leslie Anderson(L)
    4 C Steven Vogt (L)
    5 1B/DH/3B Henry Wrigley (R)C Steven Vogt (L)
    6 DH Russ Canzler (R)
    7 RF John Shelby (R
    8 3B Matt Mangini (L)
    9 CF Brandon Guyer (L)

  9. Wrigley, Vogt and Canzler could all flop batting spots throughout the season

  10. Why do you prefer Shelby to Kang? I haven't seen either play (well, I did see Kang in BG a few years ago) so I can't remark based on impressions, but by the numbers, it seems to me Kang is the better hitter. Shelby may have a bit more power-even that seems questionable-but he hasn't had on OBP over .300 the last 2 years and strikes out more as well.

  11. i like Shelby's Speed and Glove

  12. Leslie Anderson - the second coming of Chris Richard. I'd put real money down that he never leaves Port Charlotte in a TB Rays uniform. A waste of money that just takes AB's away from younger prospects that still have productive years (and upside) ahead.

  13. Just saw that Catcher Nevin Ashley was removed from the 40 man roster, because of newly-acquired Luke Scott. I hope some other team picks him up and gives him a chance at their 40 man roster. He's put in a lot of years in the Rays system.