Monday, January 30, 2012

Top 30 Comparison - RaysProspects vs. Baseball America

RaysProspects          Baseball America
1. Matt Moore          1. Matt Moore
2. Hak-Ju Lee          2. Hak-Ju Lee
3. Enny Romero         3. Chris Archer
4. Alex Torres         4. Taylor Guerrieri
5. Mikie Mahtook       5. Alex Colome
6. Taylor Guerrieri    6. Alex Torres
7. Drew Vettleson      7. Tim Beckham
8. Chris Archer        8. Enny Romero
9. Tim Beckham         9. Drew Vettleson
10. Brandon Guyer      10.Mikie Mahtook

11. Alex Colome        11. Brandon Guyer
12. Tyler Goeddel      12. Jake Hager
13. Parker Markel      13. Derek Dietrich
14. Ryan Brett         14. Ryan Brett
15. Josh Sale          15. Luke Bailey
16. Jake Hager         16. Parker Markel
16. Brandon Martin     17. Albert Suarez
18. Lenny Linsky       18. Tyler Goeddel
18. Oscar Hernandez    19. Matt Bush
20. Derek Dietrich     20. Blake Snell

21. Ryan Carpenter     21. Braulio Lara
22. Johnny Eierman     22. Stephen Vogt
23. Granden Goetzman   23. Wilking Rodriguez
24. Felipe Rivero      24. Lenny Linsky
25. Grayson Garvin     25. Brandon Martin
25. Nick Barnese       26. Kes Carter
27. Tyler Bortnick     27. Justin O'Conner
28. Russ Canzler       28. Felipe Rivero
29. Matt Bush          29. Tyler Bortnick
30. Justin O'Conner    30. Jake Thompson

Players Ranked Equally
1. Matt Moore
2. Hak-Ju Lee
14. Ryan Brett

Ranked Only By RP
15. Josh Sale
19. Oscar Hernandez
21. Ryan Carpenter
22. Johnny Eierman
23. Granden Goetzman
25. Grayson Garvin
26. Nick Barnese
28. Russ Canzler

Ranked Higher By RP
3. Enny Romero (8th by BA)
4. Alex Torres (6th by BA)
5. Mikie Mahtook (10th by BA)
7. Drew Vettleson (9th by BA)
10. Brandon Guyer (11th by BA)
12. Tyler Goeddel (28th by BA)
13. Parker Markel (16th by BA)
17. Brandon Martin (25th by BA)
18. Lenny Linsky (24th by BA)
24. Felipe Rivero (28th by BA)
27. Tyler Bortnick (29th by BA)

Ranked Only By BA
15. Luke Bailey
17. Albert Suarez
20. Blake Snell
21. Braulio Lara
23. Wilking Rodriguez
22. Stephen Vogt
26. Kes Carter
30. Jake Thompson

Ranked Higher By BA
3. Chris Archer (8th by RP)
4. Taylor Guerrieri (6th by RP)
5. Alex Colome (11th by RP)
7. Tim Beckham (9th by RP)
12. Jake Hager (16th by RP)
13. Derek Dietrich (20th by RP)
19. Matt Bush (29th by RP)
27. Justin O'Conner (30th by RP)


  1. Here is Sickels' list for 2012 FYI:

    1. Matt Moore
    2. Hak-Ju Lee
    3. Alexander Torres
    4. Alex Colome
    5. Taylor Guerrieri
    6. Mikie Mahtook
    7. Brandon Guyer
    8. Parker Markel
    9. Ryan Brett
    10. Drew Vettleson
    11. Chris Archer
    12. Enny Romero
    13. Tyler Goeddel
    14. Jake Hager
    15. Tim Beckham
    16. Oscar Hernandez
    17. Granden Goetzman
    18. Tyler Bortnick
    19. Felipe Rivero
    20. Derek Dietrich
    21. Lenny Linsky
    22. Nick Barnese
    23. Josh Sale
    24. Jeff Ames
    25. Kes Carter

    Others: Lucas Bailey, Matt Bush, Russ Canzler, Ryan Carpenter, Johnny Eierman, Marquis Fleming, Grayson Garvin, Todd Glaesmann, Kyeong Kang, Braulio Lara, Kyle Lobstein, Jeff Malm, Brandon Martin, Ty Morrison, Justin O'Conner, C.J. Riefenhauser, Wilking Rodriguez, Cody Rogers, Cameron Seitzer, Blake Snell, Matt Spann, Jacob Thompson, and Stephen Vogt.

    You can find lots of old BA and Sickels lists (and ours too) under the Rays Top Prospects tab at the top of the page.

  2. Rays Prospects/Baseball America/John Sickels Consensus Top 15

    1) Matt Moore
    2) Hak-Ju Lee
    3) Alex Torres
    4) Taylor Guerrieri
    5) Alex Colome
    6) Mikie Mahtook
    7) Chris Archer
    8) Enny Romero
    9) Drew Vettleson
    10) Brandon Guyer
    11) Tim Beckham
    12/13) Parker Markel and Ryan Brett (Tie)
    14) Jake Hager
    15) Derek Dietrich

  3. Sickels needs to just kill himself on his rankings... Dietrich is clearly a top 15 prospect and then he has Josh Sale ranked? Come on now Sickels get with it

  4. I kind of like Sickels list, he has Brett high, Archer and Beckham a little lower, Bortnick higher. I'd put Oscar H in the late 20s though, so maybe move Dietrich up into Oscar's spot at 16? All in all not bad. Along with Oscar I'd lower Felipe Rivero into the late 20s. Not seeing how he projects as more than a leftie RP at this point, maybe if he's good in 2012, but not that high at this point.

  5. in my opinion the only ones they got right were the 1 & 2 spots. after that you really cant say who should be where, as i see some players who should not be listed and some that are not listed that should be..its all just opinions, and you know what they say about opinions...

  6. I am sure you guys will catch this soon, but Russ Canzler was just traded to the Indians for cash.

  7. These are some lists. After the first 2 listed the rest are all questionable. I guess time will tell all. Can't wait for baseball season to start!

  8. looks like our boy wrigleys recent years of performance are lookin nice

  9. Rays need to do another trade and get a guy like grandal for catching I'd give up an infielder like a bortnick or wunderlich and a pitching prospect