Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Minor League lineups: Bowling Green Hot Rods (A)

After finishing the positional runthrough I'm going to take a look at the projected lineups of each of the Rays minor league affiliates.

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1 2B Ryan Brett (S)
2 3B Taylor Motter (R)
3 CF Kes Carter (L)
4 1B Jeff Malm (L)
5 DH Cameron Seitzer (L)
6 RF Drew Vettleson (L)
7 C Matt Rice (R)
8 LF Craig Lyerly (R)
9 SS Juniel Querecuto (S)

C Alejandro Segovia (R)
C Kyle Holloway (R)
3B Leonardo Reginatto (R)
3B Riccio Torrez (R)
CIF Junior Rodriguez (R)
2B Raymond Church (R)
LF/CIF Nicholas Schwaner (L)
OF Joel Caminero (R)

Filled with college picks of last years' as well as some high school picks of next-to-last years' draft, this lineup is very, very deep. Ryan Brett and Taylor Motter are leadoff types with speed and a very patient approach while some combination of Kes Carter, Cameron Seitzer, Jeff Malm, Drew Vettleson and Riccio Torrez provides enough power and hitability for a decent 3 to 6 in the lineup. Overall, the abundance of quality infielders bolsters the lineup while also the catching and outfield is very capable and talented. Another very sound and potent lineup.


  1. Schwaner to Port Charlotte

  2. This will be interesting to see what happens...what will happen with schwaner? did the rays see something in him? It hurts him that he only batted .230 in BG last year. But he did have a decent amount of homeeruns. GREAT WORK BURGI. Thanks for this information :)

  3. Nick is a nice kid that likes his cajun crayfish.
    He plays solid left field,but will need to work on obp.

    I still dont see Carter in midwest league with 3 professional hits.

    I presume Drew V. will hold down right field most of the year

    1. @Anon7:40: Regarding Vettleson. You're right ... it was a typo. Fixed it.

  4. @Anon2:00: That could very well be, especially if Glaesmann or Mahtook start in BG.

    @Anon4:17: Thanks.

    @Anon7:40: Regarding Kes Carter: While not having played a lot in the Rays system, he has 3 years of playing time in the NCAA. There, he showed a fairly polished and well-sound approach at Western Kentucky. I think that AB's are the thing he needs most after not being able to play a lot last year in HDV. Therefore, and because most productive college kids are able to make the jump right into A-ball after college, I see him in BG.

  5. BurGI

    I also agree Carter needs the at bats,I am not sure what his injury was last year.I am hoping he can go from 13 ab last year,college games the year before,to BG(140 OR SO GAMES)

    The grind of a long season is tough on youngsters(TODD G. for example)young outfield arms are always tired.The Rays have 625k invested and I bet he at least starts in HV and maybe later gets called up to BG.

  6. Kes Carter had very bad shin splints almost a fracture. He almost had his contract voided as he hadnt disclosed it as prior injury and issue.

  7. I was looking at the ABL stats and kiermierer hasn't played in a week.(its been 4 games) He was batting. 347 and appeared to be playing well. Is he hurt? Or suspended?

  8. Never mind disregard that last comment just saw that he has something wrong with his hamstring. Thanks