Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Minor League lineups: Charlotte Stone Crabs (A+)

After finishing the positional runthrough I'm going to take a look at the projected lineups of each of the Rays minor league affiliates.

Next affiliate lineup I'm looking at is the Charlotte Stone Crabs:

1 3B Robby Price (L)
2 SS Derek Dietrich (L)
3 CF Mikie Mahtook (R)
4 1B Philip Wunderlich (L)
5 RF Todd Glaesmann (R)
6 LF Cody Rogers (L)
7 DH Julio Cedeno (R)
8 C Lucas Bailey (R)
9 2B Hector Guevara (R)

C Keith Castillo (S)
C Mayobanex Acosta (R)
MIF Robi Estrada (S)
CF Kevin Kiermaier (L)
LF/1B Steven Tinoco (R)

The Stone Crabs roster seems to be very balanced with some speedy guys as well as some all-around talents and power hitters. This combination makes it possible to form a potent and sound lineup top-to-bottom. The Hot Rods roster was above average offensively last year and with most of the talented roster moving up to Port Charlotte I see this roster remaining above average. Mid-season additions like Cameron Seitzer, Taylor Motter, Jeff Malm, Kes Carter or Riccio Torrez could bolster the roster even further. Additional note: It could very well be that Derek Dietrich and Mikie Mahtook hit 3rd/4th in the lineup. I just put Dietrich 2nd as he was mostly used in this position last year (if I remember correctly).


  1. I know he has his limitations, but Robi Estrada will help this team.

  2. Is Mahtook our next Price/Longoria you think? As in, he will fly up through the minors and could see Durham before the season is over?

  3. @Anon 8:39: Robi Estrada will be a very valuable asset to the team (in this scenario). He will see lots of AB's at multiple infield positions.
    @Anon 11:35: In Bowling Green. I don't see any AB's for him in A+ in this scenario, where Mahtook and Glaesmann start in A+.
    @Anon 11:45: Mahtook is far less polished than Longoria/Price were after being drafted. I see him being in A+ all year long. Then a year in AA with a possible move up during the season if he progresses well. Majors in late '14 at best. Regular playing time in 2015. So, one year more than Longoria if everything goes well.

  4. Mahtook and Glaesmann will open the season with the Hot Rods.

  5. Kes Carter has 13 pro at bats

    If he is the next Bryce Harper,he may be a mid season call up,my opinion he starts in HV

    Cody Rogers will again lead off

    Castillo is the sleeper here

    Tinoco has a nice hitting average bat,but a weaker outfield arm,and just average speed for outfield

    If Diamond Tom is correct,Schaner or Lyerly will be on this team