Sunday, January 22, 2012

Future Considerations Podcast (Episode 14: Carlos Pena Signing, AL East Top 25, Projected Full-Season Rotations, and Yu Darvish)

This week, Scott and Kevin break down the Carlos Pena signing and what it means for the Rays' 2012 outlook, run down their AL East top 25 prospect lists, preview the Durham, Montgomery, Charlotte, and Bowling Green rotations, and wrap up by discussing how the Yu Darvish signing affects the balance of power in the American League.

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  1. matt spann numbers better than rivero should b n the talk for bowling green

  2. Pena batted .220 last year... Awesome. And luke scott batted what, .240. Tampa should have saved their money and proved their minors are stacked. Even Brad Pitt wouldnt sign those two. Tampa thats why people like your team cause you give your farm hands shots in the pros. The fans love to see rookies, not old men looking for another payout. I dont get as a fan of baseball how they pay these C average guys so much for one year when they can give a rookie a shot for 5years and millions less. Oh an Yu Darvish currently has the most awesome name in the bigs, but 100 mill for a AAA pitcher... Come on.

  3. Minor league pitchers repot March 3rd and Position players March 6th. GO RAYS :)

  4. Any update on what's happening to The Rays' 2011 highest BA player- 1B Casey Kotchman? How about Johnny Damon? This whole scenario still baffles me.

  5. Kotchman has been linked to the Cleveland Indians, and they need a 1B so that would make sense. Johnny Damon, not sure which teams are interested but at this point it's pretty clear the Rays are no longer players for either.