Sunday, January 29, 2012

Future Considerations Podcast (Episode 15: BaseballAmerica Top 30, Jeff Keppinger Signing, Prince Fielder and Remaining Free Agents)

With the BaseballAmerica Prospect Handbook out, Kevin and Scott examined the top 30 prospects and compared it against the RaysProspects Top 30 list with some notable differences. After the break, they discuss the Jeff Keppinger signing (and the Russ Canzler DFA'ing) and how he'll help this season, plus the Prince Fielder deal and the remaining free agents before wrapping up with some bonus Greg Schiano talk.

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  1. Via catcher Kyle Holloway has been released

  2. Too bad great kid. They haven't had anyone with the dish skills like him forever. Bat just couldn't catch up

  3. Depth Chart~ Hudson Valley's Roque Colon was released during the season. So, there are actually 20 on the HV depth chart. Notice how "lean" the list of position players is. Hope HV gets lots of high prospects this coming season, which means I hope TB doesn't draft so many high school kids in the highest spots.

  4. On Colon, someone told me that last summer and I was never able to get confirmation. Tend to believe you though, so I hid him on the chart. I'll delete him permanently if he doesn't make a roster by SS ball. Thanks.

    Also, Keppinger is listed under Longoria at 3B. I don't really know how 2B/SS is going to play out in Tampa so I just stuck him in that open spot.

    Of more interest to me is 2B in Durham. With the Will Rhymes signing, and Beckham solid at SS, does this make O'Malley or Figueroa just a backup MIF for the Bulls? If so, is the other one the starting 2B for Montgomery with Lee at SS? That would block Bortnick at Charlotte again, so I doubt it.

    Maybe Rhymes/Beckham at Durham, Bortnick/Lee in Montgomery, with O'Malley finding time in reserve at Durham and Figueroa in Montgomery. I'm assuming O'Malley moves up over Figueroa since he bumped him from being the primary 2B last year when O'Malley returned from the DL. Just not seeing why we need to sign Rhymes.

  5. Doug, the rays sign too many players in general. Rhymes is just latest in a long line of head-scratchers over the last couple of years.

  6. Hard to figure out the Rays. They are known for their farm system, but seem to be doing everything they can to push those up and coming players aside. Why not give Bortnick a chance? Ashley? Canzler? and many more. Why do we need Will Rhymes? Carlos Pena? Oh, well...