Sunday, December 4, 2011

Future Considerations Podcast (Episode 10: Josh Lueke Trade, Rule 5 Eligibles, Corner Outfield Prospects)

This week, Scott and Kevin break down the John Jaso for Josh Lueke trade, how fans could root for him, and where Jaso exiting leaves the catching situation, Andrew Friedman interviewing for the GM job with the Astros and some Rays prospects who are eligible for the Rule 5 draft this week. After the break, they tackle their position of the week (corner outfielders) and move into some general MLB news, including the closer carousel and Bobby Valentine.

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1 comment:

  1. This was great guys! Very professional, sound was good (just a couple of keyboard things after the break), and you seem comfortable together. Nice mix of content too, really liked the Rays/MLB talk. I know it's supposed to focus on Rays prospects, but your opinions on general MLB news was very interesting. Not that you want to, but I would like even more of that.

    A few thoughts in no particular order:

    - Agree on the Marlins and Heath Bell, bad move, could be horrible move. Interested to see if this was all the end up with after creating so much buzz.

    - Rule 5: agree that it's not worth the hype. Since 2006 (?) when the last CBA started, giving teams an extra year of control, it's been about back-end of the bullpen guys. Unless you think Fleming and his change are the next Hoffman, not much to worry about. Wouldn't want to lose Barney, but more because we've followed him for so long than for the loss of talent to the org.

    - On Lueke. I want to make it real clear I'm opposed to this move, it's disgusting. I agree with your point that it's not up to fans to care about this, he's not even made the roster yet and most don't know about him. And even if they do, they have their own lives to get outraged about, don't need to spend time being upset about the local baseball team.

    But as to the team, wtf were they thinking? To me it's a no win move. If he sucks/gets cut/etc., you brought on a scum bag who gave you nothing and has the potential to bring a lot of bad press. If he's good (I'll disagree with Scott here that it won't matter as long as he's good), then there will be even more attention focused on his past and the Rays for trading for him. To me more performance = more scrutiny. National writers and BOS/NYY fans/internet commenters will be mocking the Rays if he becomes a key part of the bullpen in a playoff run/the playoffs themselves. More importantly, casual Rays fans will learn of it and start weighing in, which will just snowball into fights/defenses etc., basically a bunch of BS that in no way is good for the team.

    Whether he sucks or is good, it's still a bad move, only the severity of the "bad" will change imo. Who goes out and invites negative attention for a RP?

    It also puts his teammates in a bad position, you know they'll be asked about it. Nice distraction to create for a bunch of young players.

    If I'm Durham I wouldn't be real thrilled about this either, good chance they get a pos dumped in their lap at the end of spring training if he doesn't make the 25-man.

    Are there no womens' groups in Tampa/St. Pete? In Durham?

    It would be one thing if he were a #2 starter or good hitting SS, but why do this for a RP? And not a very good one (so far at least, it's early in his career). We've turned over the bullpen the past couple of years (except JP Howell, who deserves a rant of his own), is Lueke that important that you would bring this on just to fill a spot? Were the pickings so slim you had to reach all the way to the California Penal League?

    The big thing to me is that they active chose to add him. It's one thing if a current player gets into legal trouble (see Jino G., Flores, Bellatti, the DSL kid w/ coke at JFK), you can't really be at fault for what they did. But the Rays went out and asked another team for Lueke. Unreal.

    I guess I'm the only one who feels this way. Checked DRB and most of the contributers don't seem all that upset (just saw 2 articles, sorry if I missed one where someone was). Surprising to me. If this doesn't set off your outrage meter, what does? Guess it would take a murderer.

    Anyway, that's how I feel. Didn't mean to focus on Lueke, he's a small part of a great podcast. Thanks for doing it Scott and Kevin!