Monday, December 12, 2011

RP's 2012 Combined Rays Top Prospects List

Here's the list combining mine, Scott's, Jake's, and BurGi's lists which were all posted last week. 30 points were assigned to #1, 29 to #2, down to 1 point for #30. In all, 43 players appeared on at least one list. Here are the results:

1. Matt Moore (120)
2. Hak-Ju Lee (116)
3. Enny Romero (108)
4. Alex Torres (104)
5. Mikie Mahtook (101)
6. Taylor Guerrieri (98)
7. Drew Vettleson (90)
8. Chris Archer (87)
9. Tim Beckham (84)
10. Brandon Guyer (83)

11. Alex Colome (80)
12. Tyler Goeddel (76)
13. Parker Markel (69)
14. Ryan Brett (65)
15. Josh Sale (53)
t-16. Jake Hager (51)
t-16. Brandon Martin (51)
t-18. Lenny Linsky (42)
t-18. Oscar Hernandez (42)
20. Derek Dietrich (39)

21. Ryan Carpenter (33)
22. Johnny Eierman (28)
23. Granden Goetzman (27)
24. Felipe Rivero (23)
t-25. Grayson Garvin (22)
t-25. Nick Barnese (22)
27. Tyler Bortnick (19)
28. Russ Canzler (17)
29. Matt Bush (14)
30. Justin O'Conner (13)

t-31. Jeff Malm (12)
t-31. Luke Bailey (12)
t-33. Cameron Seitzer (11)
t-33. Ty Morrison (11)
35. C.J. Riefenhauser (8)
36. John Alexander (6)
t-37. Blake Snell (5)
t-37. James Harris (5)
39. Yoel Araujo (4)
t-40. Wilking Rodriguez (3)
t-40. Albert Suarez (3)

42. Jeff Ames (2)
43. Scott Shuman (1)

Our top 15 hitters and pitchers lists will be beginning soon!


  1. Nice overall list. It will be interesting comparing it to Baseball America's Top 10 and Top 30 Rays lists.

  2. when are these lists released from Baseball America?

  3. why do you guys keep leaving Cody Rogers off your lists? do you not beleieve has the skills to make it...if so you really dont have a clue

  4. The BA Rays top 10 list is out on 1/6, and the top 30 will come out when they release their handbook in late January.

  5. take a look at Wrigleys numbers the past 2 1/2 years. no Vogt either?!?! these two tampa players have shown what happens when you mature through the Devil Rays system. i know im leaving out a few others but i want to use these two players. the fact that all you writers on this site have never seen most of the players you scout and write about play... tricks readers. you all just recycle stories from one rookie site to another. i saw a poll on DraysBay mid season about who would have the best second half in tampas minors. funny you all knocked that wrigley kid real quick and then what happen he went beast. if you write for this site you gotta have every game playing during the season to even be able to judge these players.

  6. Update~ Catcher Jake Jeffries was just traded to the Marlins for a relief pitcher- Badenhop or something like that.

  7. Ryan Carpenter's ranking is interesting. He is a good sleeper with good stats and upside. But, it is too early to rank high.

  8. @iHaveStoneCrabs: Representing the other authors here at RaysProspects I say it once again: We don't have anything against players that perform well but don't have the best tools in the world. We only have seen guys like Rhyne Hughes, Cody Cipriano, Chris Nowak, Heath Rollins, ... flame out in the upper minors. I especially very much liked Nowak and Rollins and I was rooting for them but they simply couldn't make it. And for many of these guys there is one who might make it to the bigs. And normally he then doesn't have a huge impact (Elliot Johnson like). We, here, are looking at players who might help the Rays in the future. Guys like Henry Wrigley and especially Stephen Vogt (he seems to be near the top 30 on most lists which is good as you have to consider that this system is VERY DEEP) also do have that chance. But others might have a better chance of providing the major league team with a valueable chip.

    Summarising: We all here like players who perform well. We all here like players who are hard workers and make the best out of their tools. Rankings simply should rank the players according to their expected contribution to the big league team and that's how we did them. I think we all did fairly well while individually putting the emphasis on different things.

  9. I tend to stay out of making prospects list because my sample size of players I get to see play is rather small. I can only vouch for players that I see play here in Port Charlotte. I find it hard to rank players who I have never seen play. There is a lot more to the game then just the stat line.

    With that being said, first off I feel Tyler Bortnick should be higher on the list. He's was a solid member of the organization both at the plate and in the field. He was a lot of fun to watch play this season.

    Stephen Vogt should be on the list. There isn't much Vogt hasn't done since coming back from surgery. He has been on a tear, making up for lost time. The Rays must be impressed with his performance since they placed him on the 40-man, that has got to count for something.

    Then there is my personal favorite, Henry Wrigley. While his stats line may not be as impressive as has been stated in the past, but Big Wrigs has always seemed to be in the right place at the right time, which is huge. He was third in the organization in home runs and RBI's.

    Couple other players I have enjoyed watching play this season include CJ Riefenhauser, Johnny Eierman and James Harris.

    These are just my personal opinions based on what I have seen on the field. Just another spin on things.

  10. Todd Glaesmann makes the list of the top 10 Yanks playing down under.

  11. do you see Stayton Thomas making impact
    from a releavers standpoint. had great numbers at
    Hudson Valley

  12. When will the discussion talk about Pitcher's, the closers and relief? They don't get discussed very often here.

  13. If you listen to the podcast, we'll probably start talking about pitchers in our position by position breakdown either this weekend or two weeks from now (not recording on Christmas weekend)

  14. Would like to see a list on relief Pitchers and stats to go along with.


    For those of you like me who were not pleased with the raysprospects "top prospect" list here is what the actually organization thinks there top prospects are based one results.

    You can go to the link, but here is the list:
    Catcher: Steven Vogt
    First Base: Dan Johnson
    Second Base: Tyler Bortnick
    Short Stop: Hak-Ju-Lee
    Third Base: Russ Canzler
    Outfielder: Brandon Guyer
    Outfielder: Desmond Jennings
    Outfielder: Kyeong Kang(Umm not too sure about this one)
    Utility: Tim Beckham
    Left Handed Starting Pitcher: Matt Moore (DUH!!!!!)
    They did mention CJ Riefenhauser and Alex Torres
    Right Handed Starting Pitcher: Alex Colome
    Relief Pitcher: Chris Rearick

    There you go guys!

  16. That is not who the organization thinks their top prospects are. That team was decided by's writer David Heck, and he went to Lukevics for comments. It isn't even a prospects list, as Dan Johnson no longer qualifies.

    That said, it is actually fairly close to their top prospects at each position from full-season ball.

  17. Wrigley replaced Dan Johnson

  18. I would quibble with the 2 Anons. The article refers to the Organization All Stars. That is going to measure performance vs. projection. Rearick is not the Top RP Prospect by any means.

  19. I call this list bullshit.