Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rays Exhibition Game In St. Pete

Today while the Rays hosted the Red Sox at Charlotte Sports Park, a bus load of minor leaguers headed to Progress Energy Park for an exhibition game against the Netherlands National Baseball Team. I have not seen a box score for the game but I did hear that Henry Wrigley hit a two run homer. I will post more information about the game if and when a box score or more information becomes available. Here is a list of who played for the Rays:

  • C - Mark Thomas, Mayo Acosta 
  • 1B - Henry Wrigley 
  • 2B - Omar Luna, Cole Figeroa 
  • SS - Shawn O'Malley, Robbi Estrada 
  • 3B - Greg Sexton 
  • LF - Emeel Salem, Anthony Scelfo 
  • CF - Isaias Velasquez 
  • RF - Kyeong Kang, John Shelby 
  • DH - Tyler Bortnick 
  • P - Kyle Lobstein, Jim Paduch, Adam Liberatore, Scott Shuman, Matt Spann, Alex Koronis, Dan Bream 

The game was part of a series of international games hosted by St. Petersburg International Baseball. They posted photos from today's game. You can view the photos here.

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  1. Wrigleys HR was etimated at 420ft according to the raido announcer