Monday, September 12, 2011

Future Considerations: The RaysProspects Podcast (Episode 1)

We're back! Kevin finally got a new microphone, just in time for the season to be over. In the first episode of the re-launched podcast, Kevin and Scott talk about calling up Matt Moore (and other prospects), the stretch run for the Rays, September call-ups around the majors, and Buck Showalter as general manager, then run down the six prospects the Rays are sending (and two they aren't), and wrap up with some brief playoff talk.

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  1. Matt Moore has been called up, will be with team tomorrow. I'm very happy about this, I hope matt bush gets called up soon as well. Moore is going to be used in relief

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  3. I thought this was very good, audio is MUCH better. The 2 year-old no longer fears Scott. Should have run a poll with it on your question at the end, which affiliate is most likely to make the 2012 playoffs. Aside from Durham who always makes it, Charlotte and Bowling Green are good answers. I'd probably lean towards BG since I think more of the new draftees will be there than Charlotte, and I think a few guys from Princeton will skip HV to BG. Would be nice to see BG make it again after getting swept out so quickly in their first playoff appearance.