Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2011 Rays Prospects Reader Choice Players of the Year: GCL Rays

The first poll has closed and here are the results for the GCL Rays.

GCL Rays Hitter of the Year: John Alexander
GCL Rays Pitcher of the Year: Jacob Faria

Alexander appeared in just 12 games for the GCL Rays. In that short time he hit .314 on the season and recorded 4 doubles, a triple, 2 homers and 11 RBI's. He wrapped up the season on a nine game hitting streak dating back to August 16. Alexander was the Rays 8th round pick in the 2011 Draft out of Glendora High School.

Faria, the youngest of the GCL Rays pitching staff, compiled a 0-1 record with a 2.87 ERA in 6 games for the Rays. In those games, he struck out 14 hitters while earning a 1.02 WHIP. Faria was drafted by the Rays in the 10th round of the 2011 draft out of Gahr High School.

178 readers participated in the GCL Rays poll. Below are the top five of each category as chosen by the readers of Rays Prospects.

1. John Alexander (46.79%)
2. Jonathan Quinonez (12.82%)
3. Ariel Soriano (7.69%)
4. Riccio Torrez (7.05%)
5. Johnny Eierman (5.77%)

1. Jacob Faria (48.26%)
2. Theron Geith (19.77%)
3. Roberto Gomez (13.37%)
4. Blake Snell (8.14%)
5. Shawn Smith (2.33%)

The second poll will open tomorrow and will focus on the Princeton Rays.

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  1. I had the pleasure of watching all of these players play and develop this summer. Alexander is a big power bat, very consistent at the plate, and is going to put up good numbers as he develops.

    Faria had one bad game against the Twins, where he caught a little too much of the plate. He didn't look comfortable on the mound that game. He made some adjustments, and put up zeros in his subsequent outings. He had good command of his pitches, trusted his defense and pitched to contact. His change up was dirty. I think he developed well this summer, and would of definately put up more zeros with more innings pitched.

    Everyone in this poll played well. I'm looking forward to following these guys as they develop in their career.