Monday, September 5, 2011

Vote for the 2011 Rays Prospects Reader Choice Players of the Year: GCL Rays

Today we are releasing the first of many reader's choice polls. Over the next few weeks, you the reader will have the chance to vote for your choice of Player of the Year for each of the domestic affiliates.

Here are the Ground Rules for the contest. Each affiliates poll will run for three days. The listings will include the players that spent time with the club for the 2011 season. For players that spend time split between teams, they will be listed with the team they spent the most time with during the season. Each reader will be able to vote in the poll once. At the conclusion of the poll, the winners will be posted at Rays Prospects.

With that being said, here is our first group of players. Voting will now begin for the RP Reader's Choice Player of the Year for the GCL Rays. Voting ends at 6pm EDT on Wednesday.

Click here to take the survey now.


  1. Here is a link to the GCL Rays stats.

    Even though it's a holiday, heard from Jim that voting has been brisk. For me picking the hitter was fairly easy, but pitcher was more difficult. Feel free to discuss/lobby for your choices. BTW, the reason we use the off-site poll is because the ones we used to use (PollDaddy) was pretty easy to hack (or so I was told by a player who shall remain nameless). This one should be accurate.

  2. lol. now thats funny. of course a player is going to tell you it was hacked if they didn't win :)

  3. Nah, he (and some others) were just screwing with the results. It was a couple or three years ago when I used to have polls up all the time, up top where the twitter feed is now. He didn't vote for himself either, picked the most unusual answer. I knew something was up when there would suddenly be a couple hundred votes in the morning for something that only had a few the night before. Showed me how to do it, it was real. PollDaddy may have fixed it by now, don't know.

  4. Didn't Matt Johnson "retire" halfway through the GCL season? I know that he wasn't playing in August.

  5. Yes, you are correct Matt Johnson did retire midseason. However to make things easier and to avoid missing someone, I included everyone who played during the season (except MLB rehab assigments) regardless of their status at seasons end. For players that played for multiple teams, they are listed under the team they played the most games for.