Saturday, September 17, 2011

2011 Year in Review: Durham Bulls (Overall)

Over the next few weeks I will recap the 2011 season of each affiliate. This week will focus on the overall season, next week will cover the hitting leaders and the final week will be pitching leaders. Like the week in reviews earlier in the season, each day will bring attention to a different affiliate as we work our way through the franchise. Today we take a look at the overall team stats of the Durham Bulls.

The Durham Bulls clinched their fifth straight division title this season by finishing the season with a 80-62 record. The Bulls quest for the the Governor's Cup was cut short as they were swept in the opening round of the playoffs by Columbus. The 2011 Bulls fielded three all-stars; Russ Canzler, Brandon Guyer and Desmond Jennings. Canzler was also named the MVP for the International League marking the fifth time a Bull has been named the IL MVP.

Final Standings:
International League South Division
1. Durham Bulls (80-62)
2. Gwinnett Braves (78-65)
3. Charlotte Knights (69-74)
4. Norfolk Tides (56-87)

Team Hitting Stats (league rank):
Average: .271 (1 of 14)
Slugging: .424 (tied 1 of 14)
On Base Pct: .337 (2 of 14)
Hits: 1318 (1 of 14)
Doubles: 287 (2 of 14)
Triples: 26 (tied 5 of 14)
Home Runs: 136 (tied 3 of 14)
Runs Scored: 669 (2 of 14)
Stolen Bases: 75 (11 of 14)

Team Pitching Stats (league rank):
ERA: 3.87 (5 of 14)
Runs Allowed: 620 (6 of 14)
Strikeouts: 1135 (3 of 14)
Walks: 467 (7 of 14)

8th best in International League
462,682 total in 71 games for 6,516 average per game (65% capacity)
Durham Bulls Athletic Park Total Seating: 10,000

2011 Durham Bulls Roster:

Chris Archer
Brian Baker
Joe Bateman
Chris Bootcheck
Jay Buente
Alex Cobb
Lance Cormier
Dane De La Rosa
Richard De Los Santos
Rob Delaney
Mike Ekstrom
Marquis Fleming
Brandon Gomes
Edgar Gonazalez
Jeremy Hall
Dirk Hayhurst
JP Howell
Jake McGee
Matt Moore
Jeff Niemann
Jim Paduch
Paul Phillips
Cesar Ramos
Ryan Reid
Adam Russell
Andy Sonnanstine
RJ Swindle
Matt Torra
Alexander Torres
Cory Wade

Craig Albernaz
Nevin Ashley
Robinson Chirinos
John Jaso
Jose Lobaton
Stephen Vogt

Leslie Anderson
Tim Beckham
Reid Brignac
JJ Furmaniak
Dan Johnson
Elliot Johnson
Casey Kotchman
Felipe Lopez
Omar Luna
Daniel Mayora
Ray Olmedo

Russ Canzler
Matt Carson
Chris Carter
Brandon Guyer
Desmond Jennings
John Matulia
Justin Ruggiano
John Shelby

Coaching Staff
Manager: Charlie Montoyo
Hitting Coach: Dave Myers
Pitching Coach: Neil Allen

General Manager: Mike Birling


  1. Good summary, Jim. I can't explain the low attendance stats. Slightly, but not entirely, due to some pretty crummy weather for the home stands. My other guess is the economy in general.

    The dominant newspaper in the region ignores the Bulls, but that isn't new. Plus they get decent TV coverage. Most home games are available in HD TV. Not sure that helps or hurts.

    I'll be putting up some additional analysis (besides my charts already up) over the next several days.

    Like what you've done here.

  2. Thanks Chris. Glad you liked it. There will be two more segments in the upcoming weeks to cover offensive and pitching leaders for each affiliate.

    I hear you about the attendance. The attendance was down for most of the affiliate this season despite MiLB claiming that it has risen. Not sure where they are getting that from, but from the numbers and what I have seen in the stands, it is down. I think you are correct, the economy has a big deal to do with it.