Friday, March 12, 2010

Rays 2010 Minor League Spring Training Roster

Here is the Rays preliminary minor league spring training roster. More players will be added as they are removed from the major league roster, as SS Tim Beckham, LHP Jake McGee and C Nevin Ashley were yesterday.

Pitchers (67)            Catchers (16)
Wilmer Almonte           Mayobanex Acosta
Chris Andujar            Luke Bailey
Kyle Ayers               Luis Bautista
James Bagley             Tomas Francisco
Brian Baker              David Genao 
Nick Barnese             Tyler Hauschild
Andrew Bellatti          Alex Jamieson
Omar Bencomo             Jake Jefferies
Matt Bush                John Mollicone
Joseph Callender         Ian Paxton
Kevin Chavez             Travis Simas
Jeff Cinadr              Matt Spring
Alex Cobb                Mark Thomas
Alex Colome              Alejandro Torres
Joseph Cruz              Stephen Vogt
Dane De La Rosa          David Wendt
Jairo De La Rosa
Frank De Los Santos      Infielders (32)
Joey Dettrich            Drew Anderson
Aaron Dott               Jeremy Beckham
Darin Downs              Tyler Bortnick
Shane Dyer               Julio Cedeno
Woods Fines              Cody Cipriano
Marquis Fleming          Juan Cuello
Brian Flores             Bennett Davis
Neal Frontz              Chris De La Cruz
Devin Fuller             Robi Estrada
Brad Furdal              Matt Fields
Justin Garcia            Eugene Glynn
Matt Gorgen              Felix Gonzalez
Jeremy Hall              Matt Hall
James Hill               Diogenes Luis
Austin Hinkle            Omar Luna
Kevin James              Jeff Malm
Michael Jarman           Luis Marchena
Marcus Jensen            Chris Nowak
Will Kline               Shawn O'Malley
Alex Koronis             Elias Otero
Kyle Lobstein            Burt Reynolds
Deivis Mavarez           Daniel Rhault
Jason McEachern          Greg Sexton
Matt Moore               Mike Sheridan
Eduardo Morlan           Eli Sonoqui
David Newmann            Kyle Spraker
Tyler Oakes              Matt Sweeney
Rayner Olveros           Cristian Vasquez
Ryan Owen                Isaias Velasquez
Jacob Partridge          Ryan Wiegand
Paul Phillips            Shawn Williams
Zach Quate               Henry Wrigley
Tom Rafferty
Ryan Reid                Outfielders (22)
Aneury Rodriguez         Dustin Biell
Wilking Rodriguez        Brian Bryles
Zach Rosscup             Gabe Cohen
Josh Satow               Ruben Contreras
Neil Schenk              Jason Corder
Trevor Shull             Alex Diaz
Brian Shuman             Rashad Eldridge
Miguel Sierra            Reid Fronk
Shawn Smith              Todd Glaesmann
Michael Southern         D.J. Jones
Matt Stabelfeld          Kyeong Kang
Albert Suarez            John Matulia
Jake Sullivan            Ty Morrison
Matt Swilley             Chris Murrill
Kirby Yates              Brett Nommensen
                         Hunter Pace
                         Jason Patton
                         Cody Rogers
                         Ryan Royster
                         Emeel Salem
                         Anthony Scelfo
                         Cody Strait

Updated to add 3 more to the minor league roster:

And 3 more:


  1. I hope this doesn't mean that Hector Guevara won't play in the States this year.

  2. Yep, and I was hoping Juan Wilsino would make the jump from the DSL. Couple others missing are Victor Mateo (1.98 ERA in 50.0 innings with 1.02 whip) and C Alejandro Segovia (who had a rough GCL but was incredible in the VSL .349/.417/.545.

  3. Good to see Woods Fines and Will Kline.

  4. Woods is a great kid. Hope he recovers from last years issues.

  5. Noticed some guys missing, curious as to release or omission?

    Mike McCormack C
    T. Hayes P
    J Tweedy OF
    A Chapa P
    M McKenna DH
    S. Henry IF
    H Hill P
    M Proctor P

    Last 3 were 09 draftees.

    Also, re some Carib players mentioned above in other comments, they may be in DR or Ven camp instead of US, especially if they're ticketed for SS / Rookie leagues that don't start until June. Might come to FL for Extended spring.

  6. And Dan April from '09 draft and SS is missing as well.

    None of these and above are world beaters, just curious

  7. McCormick retired (see the Forum), H Hill is listed as James "Hunter" Hill, Dan April retired last summer after one appearance. Who is SS? Don't know about they rest, Tyree Hayes is a good catch, I hadn't noticed him missing.

  8. Never mind re SS, you meant April pitching at SS Hudson Valley. If you use the search box you can probably find the story, but he did retire after signing and making one appearance.

  9. Link to April retiring:

  10. Marcus Proctor is listed as Marcus Jensen, so he's there.

  11. Mike McKenna retired last season, Angel Chapa just retired. Dan April retired when told he would be moving back to Princeton at the beginning of 2009 season. I'll ask around and see if I can find out about Tweedy and Hayes.

  12. Wow - nice response time on my questions.

    Now for the other side. Who is C Luis Batista?

    Can't find in MiLB, B-Ref.

  13. Nevermind, I found him.

    Correct spelling helps.

  14. Lucas Nakandakare (played C/1B with the GCL Rays last year) will be playing in the VSL this year.

  15. Yep, Proctor is listed as Jensen, I should have noted that (I did fix some other mistakes, but missed that one, if it is a mistake). Almost everywhere he's Proctor, including milb, but for some reason the Rays call him Jensen. For those that don't know, his father's name is Marcus Jensen. He was a catcher for 9 years in the majors and now coaches in A's minors.

    Thanks for the update on McKenna and Chapa. Hayes retiring would really be disappointing to me, hope it's something else.

    I noticed LN was missing too from GCL, but he didn't play much and had a rough year, so I didn't mention. Plus I hate trying to spell his name.

    So the ones I'm still wondering about are Guevara, Hayes, Mateo (I was considering him for my 'lower-level breakout candidate', not now), Wilsino, and Segovia.

    Anyone spot any others missing?

  16. Luis Bautista is listed as a catcher, but he's only caught 16 games in 3 years. He's 25 and was drafted by the Cubs in the 32 round of the 2007 draft. He had decent numbers in 2007 and 2008, but played all of 2009 in the indy American Association. Most interesting thing about him: listed at 6'4", 240 lbs!!! He may not have spent much time behind the plate, but he's spent some serious time in front of a plate. Sorry... Link to his b-ref page:

    A couple other new names:

    Dane De La Rosa - 27, 6'6", 220 lbs, pitched in Yankees and Brewers orgs, last few in indy ball. Link:

    Miguel Sierra - 21, 6'5", 170 lbs, pitched in Cubs org from 2006-9. Link:

    Everyone else looks familiar. We certainly added some size to the frontcourt.

  17. I told you I'd try to find out about a couple of the players- I did my homework today! Tyree Hayes and Jason Tweedy did not retire, nor were they released. They will both be reporting at a later date.

  18. Thanks for the follow up, you get an A+ on homework! And it's good to hear that Hayes and Tweedy are still in the org.

    So that leaves Guevara, Mateo, Wilsino, and Segovia. Maybe Guevara and Segovia are going to stay in the VSL and Wilsino in the DSL. Mateo could go back to the DSL I suppose, but I assumed he would go to Princeton or HV.

  19. Doug, sorry, but, I don't know any of these guys, so I can't help with this one...Camp day is tomorrow-(only AM practice) and, at last, the games will start on Wednesday! Tough when you know guys on each level-which game do you go to???-but also fun!

  20. No problem Anon, you've been a big help already with McKenna, Chapa, Tweedy and Hayes. The others could be coming in later or I suppose there could be visa issues (kind of doubt that since all four have been stateside already between GCL and Fall Instructs, wasn't Wilsino there last fall?).

    Sounds like a lot of fun. I'd pick the complex with the A/A+ games, but that's just my personal preferance. Can't go wrong either way. Let us know what you see!

  21. Per Matt Eddy of BA, LHSP Brandon Mann (Montgomery in 2009) has signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Link:

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