Monday, March 28, 2011

RaysProspects 2011 Predictions: Wildcard Prediction

And here's our final prediction of the year. Today's question is: What will the Rays top 10 prospects list look like heading into 2012 (not counting potential 2012 draftees for the most part)?

R.J. Anderson: Alex Cobb moves up boards as he shows an improved changeup.
@r_j_anderson The Process Report Bloomberg Sports BaseballProspectus

Jason Collette: Brian Barnes struck out 213 batters in 1990 to set the current record for the Southern League; Matt Moore breaks that in 2011.
@jasoncollette Dock Of The Rays

FreeZorilla: Aneury Rodriguez is returned from the Astros who snaked him in the Rule 5 draft. Rodriguez has a solid year in Durham and seems poised for a 2012 relief role with the club. David Newmann converts to relief and becomes an intriguing lefty bullpen option.
@FreeZorilla DRaysBay

Cork Gaines: To me, the key to the Rays farm system in 2011 is the continued development of Alex Torres, Alex Cobb and newly acquired Chris Archer. With the Rays trading Matt Garza and inserting Jeremy Hellickson, there is suddenly a little bit of a question about who is next. Obviously Andy Sonnanstine is the backup starting pitcher. But who is after him in case of injury? Are any of the above three ready to step in now? And if not, how long until they are ready to go. Hopefully they won't be needed, but we need see one or two of them step up and become "next."
@RaysIndex Rays Index

Kevin Gengler: Scott Shuman will start out in the Charlotte (or Montgomery) bullpen, but he'll finish the year with Durham and be in serious contention for a bullpen spot with Tampa Bay in 2012.
@KevinGengler RaysProspects

Erik Hahmann: Alex Torres gets more than a September call up and has success in the Rays bullpen in 2011.
@ehahmann DRaysBay

Jason Hanselman: As the Rays did with Wade Davis and Jake McGee I could see the team keeping Chris Archer and Matt Moore attached at the hip in their ascent to the Show and the superstardom that is sure to follow. They'll both start out in Montgomery before moving on to Durham and absolutely demolishing the league at both stops.
@SandyKazmir Dock Of The Rays

Jake Larsen: Rays will go college-heavy with first 5 picks of their 11 draft picks, but end up with a very balanced draft. Will overcome KC as top farm system due to draft and trading of a SP.

Mike Lortz: This is going to my leanings, where we celebrate the minor league experience: On Monday, July 4th a young father with take his son or daughter to their first ever baseball game at Riverwalk Stadium in Montgomery. They’ll see Matt Moore strike out 10 Tennessee Smokies; Tim Beckham go 1 for 3, with a double, a walk, and a run scored; and the Biscuits win 5-2. The kid will be given a foul ball caught by a nearby fan, stay for the fireworks, and become a fan for life.
@JordiScrubbings Bus Leagues Baseball

Doug Milhoan: Two more lower-level breakouts, keep an eye on our last two 3rd round picks, Ryan Brett and Todd Glaesmann. Expect both in our 2012 top 10 prospects as Glaesmann turns tools into skills and Brett keeps producing with more power than expected to go along with speed and defense.
@DougMilhoan RaysProspects

Tommy Rancel: Not sure he can be considered a prospect, but I think Matt Bush - if healthy - is a guy who can make an impact in 2011. The Rays are looking for young arms to build a bullpen around and Bush's mid 90's fastball and sharp breaking ball has all the potential to be one of those building blocks.
@TRancel The Process Report ESPN 1040

Steve Slowinski: Desmond Jennings doesn't see any time in the majors this season until September call-ups. Maybe that's not the most groundbreaking prediction, but I think it has a pretty significant likelihood of happening unless Jennings really starts mashing down in Triple-A.
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Thanks again to all those who took the time to participate!


  1. O's cancelled for today, intersquad game instead from what I understand.

  2. Wildcard..... very interesting. I would go with Justin O'Conner. I personally don't like him too much, but he definately could prove me wrong.

  3. Moore pitched well today, 10 K's and a couple BB. Only two balls put in play by the AAA guys (Jennings/Ruggiano)in his 4 IP

  4. OConner's BA is .500, .833 SLG% and has thrown out 60% attempted steals so far in ST.

  5. anonymous, where did you get that information on oconner

  6. Wow - the site appears to have gone dormant. As Pink Floyd said, "Hello! Is anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone home?" I guess everyone is just Comfortably Numb. Things carry on - the Shelby acquisition, for example - and there is much to chew on and discuss, like who will be assigned where and why (thank you, Stacy, for posting the daily line-ups this week).

    Can't wait for April 7th!

  7. We're still here, there just hasn't been a ton to write about. Doug's followed all the smaller news on the Twitter account. Once the rosters are officially out there'll be a lot to talk about for sure. We'll have a weekend open thread and get into the swing of things on Monday.

    Thanks for being patient!

  8. Kevin - Not a problem. Personally, I'm expecting the unexpected when the rosters are released - there's just too many quality guys to fill the slots, especially at AA. Fasten your seat belts, it's gonna be a bumpy ride.

  9. Having a spot for the daily ramblings of those of us who get to see some of the action but dont tweet might be a suggestion for next year, maybe a daily "open thread" for comments. Just a thought.

  10. That's a good idea. We've had "Today's Games" posts in the past but I was highly inconsistent in getting them up. Jim (or I) will have the daily roundup done in the morning, and a daily open thread for the afternoon games would work.

  11. Not sure when we'll have rosters, I know media day and first workout for Bowling Green is Tuesday, April 5th. So anytime between now and then.

  12. I was driving by the stadium today and saw a few vehicles loaded to and leaving, so I guess at least some of them know where they are headed. Not sure if today is a "camp day" or if there are any activities going on.