Thursday, March 17, 2011

Game Pictures from 3/17: Stone Crabs at Keys

Click on the photo below to view the photo gallery from today's spring training game between the Charlotte Stone Crabs and Frederick Keys (Orioles).


  1. Now your talking! Great photo's!! Keep them coming on all of the teams!

  2. Thanks Jim!

    We'll be down visiting our folks on Monday and attending games from Tuesday through Saturday. Can you re-post the very latest spring training schedule for the Stone Crabs? Thanks, Dan

  3. Great pics as always. Jim, you have some great shots here. Keep up the great work. -Rome

  4. Glad you guys like the new photos. Trying some new things out with the pictures and so far I am happy with the results.

    As for future spring training photos, I hope to get to a few more games before camp breaks for the season. Right now I am planning to go to the Saturday home games and away games in Sarasota during the week during my lunch break. But that is all subject to change with my work schedule.

    Daniel- here is a link to my minor league spring training travel guide. It has the Stone Crabs schedule and directions to the away games. The only thing missing is the Red Sox game info, neither the Red Sox nor Rays have posted an official schedule that I have found yet. If you have any questions just shoot me an e-mail.

  5. Jim - yes thanks for the link and I have been following it along with your webpage. I should have been more specific - have any of the TBA's with the Salem Red Sox been determined?

    We'll be at all the games from Tuesday the 22nd through Saturday the 26th. Looking forward to meeting some folks down there.

  6. Unfortunatly, there has been no formal release on line of either the Rays or Red Sox minor league schedule.

    However, I googled the schedule again and came up empty on the schedule but I was able to find a press release for the Pawtucket Red Sox with their spring schedule.

    Reversing the AAA schedule puts

    3/18: Stone Crabs/Hot Rods home; Biscuits/Bulls away and A+/A home
    3/21: Biscuits/Bulls home; Stone Crabs/Hot Rods away
    3/23: Stone Crabs/Hot Rods home; Biscuits/Bulls away
    3/29: Stone Crabs/Hot Rods home; Biscuits/Bulls away

    I am heading to the sports park for a little bit of todays game. I will update the schedules and check on on any conflicts and post an updated schedule this evening.

  7. Hey if anyone has Pics of Hak Ju Lee, please mail me at!

  8. Daniel- The schedule and travel guide for the Stone Crabs is updated:

    Hope that helps.