Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rays Send Seven to MiLB Camp

The Tampa Bay Rays assigned seven players to minor league camp on Saturday, reducing the roster to 28. Those reassigned include:
  • Craig Albernaz
  • Chris Carter
  • Joe Inglett
  • Casey Kotchman
  • Felipe Lopez
  • Ray Olmedo
  • Justin Ruggiano


  1. Kotchman, Wrigley, Anderson, Canzler, Vogt, Sheridan, Sweeney ... too many bodies. Specifically, they need to decide between Anderson and Kotchman - one or the other, but not both. They signed these guys (and J.J. Ruiz also, since released) knowing they might/would lose Pena. Well, it looks like neither is an upgrade to what they already have. Keeping both just takes ABs away from younger guys who need to be playing every day at AAA or AA and still have plenty of upside.

  2. Add Carter to your list. Let's see, subtract Crawford and Pena, and add Damon, Ramirez, Kotchman, Canzler, Carter and Fuld. Someone clearly failed arithmetic in elementary school.

  3. Stacy Long has six minor leaguers who are no longer listed on the minor league spring training roster:

    Jonah Bayliss
    Aaron Dott
    Justin Garcia
    Jake Sullivan
    Seth Henry
    Kyle Lusson

    Nothing official yet that they have been released, but not a good sign. Did see Bayliss as official at tbo, but not the other 5.

  4. Rays sent Inglett to the Astros on Sunday for a PTBNL or cash.

  5. how do i see the spring training roster for the minor league teams? can you post that on here?

  6. Stacy Long of the Montgomery advertiser posted these lineups for Monday 3/28. I am sure there will be changes when final decisions are made at the end of spring training, but this will give you an idea.

    Monday lineups
    Woke up to a steady rain this morning and the skies are still overcast. Since the Rays have had idyllic spring weather to this point, one bigwig has playfully accused me of bringing the showers with me.

    The Rays play the Orioles in minor league exhibitions today (weather permitting, of course). The higher levels travel to Sarasota and the Class A's are in Port Charlotte. With the major leaguers around for just today, I may skip the Sarasota trip to get the few of those guys I still need.

    Jennings cf
    Ruggiano rf
    Lopez 3b
    Kotchman 1b
    Chirinos c
    Carter lf
    Guyer dh
    Canzler dh
    Furmaniak 2b
    Olmedo ss
    Anderson, Mayora, Lobaton on the bench

    Nommensen, rf
    Beckham ss
    Vogt c (Jefferies in the 7th)
    Sweeney dh (1b in the 6th)
    Figueroa 2b
    Cipriano 3b (Sexton 6th)
    Sheridan 1b (dh in 6th)
    Kand lf (Cohen in 6th)
    Biell cf
    Davis dh

    Lee ss (Estrada in the 7th)
    Bortnick 2b (Lawson in 7th)
    Wunderlich 1b
    Thomas c (Segovia in 7th)
    Morrison cf
    Guillen dh (lf in 6th)
    Price 3b
    Bryles rf
    Jones lf (dh in 6th)
    Acosta dh

    Kiermaier cf
    Guevara 2b (Luis in the 7th)
    Dietrich ss (Querecuto in 7th)
    Schwaner 3b (dh in 6th)
    Bailey c (Holloway in 6th)
    Malm 1b
    Glaesmann rf
    Rogers lf (Fogle in 7th)
    Depew dh
    Tinoco dh (3b in 6th)

    posted by Stacy Long at 8:30 AM 0 Comments

  7. Talked to Stacy yesterday at the field. So glad he is back here in Port Charlotte. I love his column and all his lineups, updates, etc. Thanks Stacy~leep up the good work!

  8. What about Wrigley, Scelfo and Valasquez?

  9. They could be with the big-league club to come in as late-inning replacements for tonight's game.

  10. Kevin - Good catch ... I didn't think of that.