Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fourteen Players Reassigned to Minor League Camp

The Rays made their second round of cuts today, moving fourteen players to minor league camp. These players include:

  • Leslie Anderson
  • Chris Archer
  • Nevin Ashley
  • Tim Beckham
  • Russ Canzler
  • Robinson Chirinos
  • Alex Cobb
  • Dane De La Rosa
  • JJ Furmaniak
  • Brandon Gomes
  • Dirk Hayhurst
  • Desmond Jennings
  • Daniel Mayora
  • Stephen Vogt


  1. any idea where these players will be assigned to?

  2. I really thought Hayhurst had a shot... Chirinos will probably need some AAA work on his catching and maybe be a mid seaqson call up if Shop/Jaso isnt working out.

  3. MLB.com has some of the players next stop not all.

  4. Looking at the Rays official Website, it says that some of these guys were "optioned" and some were "reassigned to Minor League camp." Pardon my ignorance, but what's the difference?

  5. Right now the MLB roster is the 40-man roster, there is no 25-man roster until the final cuts at the end of spring training. When a player on the MLB roster is sent to the minors he is 'optioned' to the minors (Durham, Montgomery, etc.). You've heard of a player having 3 option years? This counts as one of his 'options'.

    Players not on the MLB roster (the 40-man at this point) are 'assigned' to the minors. Since they aren't on the MLB roster they don't lose an option when they are sent down.

    For example, when Tim Beckham was invited to major league camp he wasn't on the MLB roster, he was a non-roster invite. When he was sent down he was assigned to the minors and still has his 3 options. Alex Cobb is on the 40-man, so when he was sent down he was optioned and used up one of his three options. Note: options are for the entire year, so Cobb can be called up and sent down several times this season but it will only count as using one option. In other words the option is for the season, not for each transaction involving him.

    Hope that's clear, let me know if not. The most important part is using up a player's options. For Cobb it's not a big deal, he'll probably be in the the bigs fulltime before his are used up. For for say Albert Suarez, who used one up and will probably pitch for Charlotte this year, it might be a big deal in coming years as he might run out of options before he is ready to stick with Tampa.

  6. That's clear enough, thanks. Any opinion of Jennings being optioned? Is this a set-back, or is it just a matter of getting him at-bats?

  7. Jennings was expected after the signings of Damon and Manny, just not enough roster spots or ABs available. It's okay to keep someone like say Fernando Perez as a 5th OF with limited time, mostly as a PR or PH of defensive replacement late in games. But with a top prospect like Jennings you want him playing every day so he has every chance to reach his full potential as an above-average MLB regular. Only way to do that was send him back to Durham.

    It's not a surprise or a set back at this point, the surprise was when they signed Damon (and Manny), but at those prices, why not. Jennings still has options and was no guarantee to be MLB-ready anyway. Jennings may still get a alot of MLB time this year, due to injuries (Damon and/or Manny esp due to age) or bad play.

    I'm still a big believer in Jennings for the future, only question is when the future begins.

  8. I agree - get him the ABs. He's still young and has time, but the clock is ticking.

  9. Although the official minor league rosters will not be set for a few weeks, the Durham Bulls have released that the following players were assigned to them when they were sent to minor league camp:

    RHP Chris Archer
    C Nevin Ashley
    C Robinson Chirinos
    RHP Alex Cobb
    RHP Dane De La Rosa
    RHP Brandon Gomes
    OF Brandon Guyer
    OF Desmond Jennings
    LHP Alex Torres

  10. I have been over to the complex a few times, so if somebody starts a minor league Spring Training thread there could be some daily updates.

  11. That would be so awesome to read the daily on our Milb Rays, excited they won first game today 4-3 (I believe), great score for a start, wish we could of been there!!

  12. Lee is playing with the single A group and had 3 SB today and in his last ab the ump made a bad call and ruled safe when he was clearly out. (Sox bench all over the ump who started yelling back) First pitch Lee clearly safe on his 4th SB, but on a makeup call was ruled out.

    One of the Red Sox players injured (head) on a collision at home with Castillo, ugly play but after some rest he walked to the van to leave so apparently was OK.

  13. Sorry for the rambling post, but the Lee safe call was on a ground ball

  14. What about chris archer, how are things looking for him?