Friday, March 25, 2011

RaysProspects 2011 Predictions: Next Year's List

For our predictions series this year we'll be running one question each weekday through Monday, with answers coming from across the Rays blogosphere. You can find a complete list of the panelist's various blogs and websites in this post.

Today's question is: What will the Rays top 10 prospects list look like heading into 2012 (not counting potential 2012 draftees for the most part)?

R.J. Anderson
: The top 10 who are within the org at this point, in no particular order: Matt Moore, Chris Archer, Alex Colome, Josh Sale (even if he struggles, I think there’s enough graduating that he’ll get a two-year honeymoon period), Alex Torres, Brandon Guyer, Enny Romero, Tim Beckham, Drew Vettleson, and Alex Cobb.

Jason Collette:
1. Matt Moore
2. Desmond Jennings
3. Chris Archer
4. Alex Colome
5. Alex Torres
6. Josh Sale
7. Tim Beckham
8. Jake Thompson
9. Hak-Ju Lee
10. Braulio Lara

1. Matt Moore
2. Desmond Jennings
3. Chris Archer
4. Josh Sale
5. Alex Torres
6. Ty Morrison
7. Hak Ju Lee
8. Tim Beckham
9. Alex Colome
10. Brandon Guyer

Cork Gaines:
1. Matt Moore
2. Chris Archer
3. Alex Torres
4. Alex Colome
5. Hak-Ju Lee
6. Tim Beckham
7. Jake Thompso
8. Enny Romero
9. Nick Barnese
10. Josh Sale

Kevin Gengler:
1. Matt Moore, LHP
2. Josh Sale, OF
3. Alex Torres, LHP
4. Chris Archer, RHP
5. Ty Morrison, OF
6. Alex Colome, RHP
7. Drew Vettleson, OF
8. Enny Romero, LHP
9. Hak-Ju Lee, SS
10. Luke Bailey, C

Erik Hahmann: Barring injury I don't see how Matt Moore isn't on the top of the list. He's simply too powerful. Current number two prospect Desmond Jennings may spend the entire season in AAA, leaving him eligible for prospect status once again. Even if he has a healthy season I don't think he'll be able to overtake Moore. The players received from the Cubs (Archer, Le, Guyer, Chirinos) will all likely move up a spot or two with the graduation of Jeremy Hellickson and Jake McGee. I'm hopeful another of the 2010 draft class will be able to join Josh Sale on the list as well.

Jason Hanselman: I see this year's darlings continuing to look out for number one without stepping in number two. With that in mind, here's my 2011 Ridiculously Early Top Ten Rays Prospects: 1) Matt Moore, 2) Desmond Jennings, 3) Chris Archer, 4) Justin O'Conner, 5) Alex Colome, 6) Alex Torres, 7) Josh Sale, 8) Tim Beckham, 9) Jake Thompson, 10) Hak Ju Lee

Jake Larsen:
1. Matt Moore
2. Josh Sale
3. Enny Romero
4. Draft pick
5. Chris Archer
6. Hak-Ju Lee
7. Jake Thompson
8. Draft Pick
9. Ryan Brett
10. Drew Vettleson

Mike Lortz:
1. Matt Moore
2. Chris Archer
3. Josh Sale
4. Nick Barnese
5. Drew Vettleson
6. Alex Torres
7. Tim Beckham
8. Hak-Ju Lee
9. Alex Colome
10. Ty Morrison

Doug Milhoan:
1. Matt Moore
2. Desmond Jennings
3. Jake Thompson
4. Alex Colome
5. Alex Cobb
6. Josh Sale
7. Enny Romero
8. Todd Glaesmann
9. Justin O'Conner
10. Ryan Brett

Tommy Rancel: With the addition of Robinson Chirnos, Brandon Guyer, and 2010 draft picks Josh Sale, Drew Vettleson, Justin O'Conner, and more, I think the top 10 will have a bit more balance to it than it has in recent seasons. Of course, the top will still be dominated by pitchers like Matt Moore and Chris Archer, but I do like the potential for some of the position players to creep up the list.

Steve Slowinski: I think Moore takes over at number one, while Jennings falls to number three behind Chris Archer. I'm not sure what I think of last year's draft picks, but I do think the Alex Trio (Torres, Colome, and Cobb) continues to climb. Also, I could easily see this list being dominated with 2011 draft picks. Those 10 first round picks are looking mighty impressive, and I've got this feeling that the Rays are planning to spend big to make the most of this opportunity.

Check back Monday for the final prediction, where they could predict anything they wanted about the upcoming season!


  1. way to pick'em jake don't care who it is just plug in draft pick

  2. So it's interesting nobody has the SS we drafted from Georgia tech on the list from this past year.. his stats werent that bad at all and his game isnt bad either.. what's up with that?

  3. I'll give it a crazy shot. It will look nothing like this, but why not have some fun?

    1. Moore
    2. Jennings
    3. Archer
    4. Torres
    5. Bailey (breakout)
    6. Malm (breakout)
    7. Sale
    8. Beckham (breakout)
    9. Dietrich (breakout)
    10. Colome

    10 top 100 prospects.