Tuesday, March 15, 2011

TPR 11 - Coming Soon

We don't touch much on the major-league action here, but Rays fans are no doubt familiar with the blogs that do. Contributors from three of them, DRaysBay, The Process Report, and Dock Of The Rays along with a few others from around the internet have joined forces to create TPR 11.

It's not fair to think of it as a season preview, though with an AL East preview and player profiles of all those on the 40-man roster, it's certainly got that base covered. The chapters written cover the organization past, present, and future, on the field and off, from Manny Ramirez and David Price to Andrew Friedman and ESPN, which a little bit of everything in between.

The writing is consistently strong throughout, and the entire work has a crisp, clean look and feel (unlike a certain guide done in Open Office). You can read reviews by FreeZo at DRaysBay and Jason Hanselman at Dock Of The Rays, and over at The Process Report you'll find free excerpts so you can sample the range of writing up to its release next week.

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