Monday, December 13, 2010

MiLB Organizational All-Stars

The folks at released their 2010 Rays organizational all-stars. The list includes:

Right-Handed Starter: Jeremy Hellickson
Left-Handed Starter: Matt Moore
Reliever: Zach Quate
Catcher: Mayobanex Acosta
First Base: Chris Richard
Second Base: Tyler Bortnick
Third Base: Dan Johnson
Shortstop: Elliot Johnson
Outfield: Justin Ruggiano
Outfield: Leslie Anderson
Outfield: Desmond Jennings
Designated Hitter: Stephen Vogt

Honorable Mentions: Winson Abreu, Matt Gorgen, Kevin Kiermaier, Ty Morrison, Robby Price, Nick Schwaner, Mark Thomas, Isaias Velasquez, Henry Wrigley and Phil Wunderlich.

You can read the entire article here.


  1. I'm a little surprised to see Mayo Acosta listed as an all-star and not Mark Thomas- not that they're not both good. Interesting.
    I'm also surprised to read that Nick Schwaner is listed as an Honorable Mention.

  2. Wish they would have done 5 starters and more relievers since they did all the position players. First appearance Acosta has made on an all-anything list since BA had him as the Rays #25 prospect prior to 2009, which was widely panned.