Sunday, December 26, 2010

Top 15 Hitters: #11 Todd Glaesmann

Todd Glaesmann
6'4" 220 lbs DOB: 10/24/1990
Bats: Right | Throws: Right
2010: Princeton
Acquired: 2009, 3rd Round

The top Rays draft pick from 2009 to sign, Glaesmann received a $930,000 bonus to headline an '09 high school hitting crop that included Luke Bailey and Jeff Malm. The infusion of bats into the system was welcome, but the returns so far have been anything but promising.

Glaesmann was assigned to Princeton where he hit a meager .233/.297/.398 in 62 games, primarily as a centerfielder. The poor showing tempered some enthusiasm, but there's still a lot to like. He's big, at 6-4/220, and arguably has the best power potential in the system among those who have played (in other words, the non-Josh Sale division). He showed his massive power tool off on July 22, when he hit two home runs and a triple. He added another homer the next day. Unfortunately, he hit just one more all season.

Despite his size, he's among the more athletic in the system. He stole 13 bases for the P-Rays, and while he won't become a big stolen base threat, nor will he remain in center field, he should remain an asset both on the basepaths in the field. Right field, more specifically, where he can show his plus arm.

Glaesmann's approach clearly needs work. He struck out 70 times in 2010 while drawing only 13 walks. His high strikeout total represents not just his tendency to chase pitches, but also his lack of consistent contact within the zone. Becoming more selective would allow him to better get his bat on the ball, which will be important for making his power tool usable. After all, if his power turns into a plus tool but he's not making enough contact, well, then he's Joel Guzman.

Glaesmann has a considerably high ceiling but also a low floor. He'll need to start making the necessary adjustments in 2011, and despite the struggles in Princeton, he could get a full season's worth of at bats in Bowling Green to make it happen. If not, he'll stay back in extended spring training and get the bump to Hudson Valley in the summer.


  1. Thanks for good repot. I like his big frame with power and athletism, he can be a Cory Hart type hitter someday.

  2. Higher offensive upside, Bailey, Malm, or Glaesman?

  3. Wonder if we will the same isue as last year with the best talent from Princeton skipping HV.

  4. High offensive upside is a coin toss between Glaesmann and Bailey. Both guys need to show they can cut down the strikeouts.

  5. As A Renegdes fan, I'm wondering the same as Renegdes Host. Will the best talent, once again, skip over us and go direcgly from Princeton to Bowling Green in 2011.

  6. Well, we obviously won't know until after spring training when the Hot Rods' roster comes out. And of course later on when the Renegades roster comes out.

    But remember all of the high picks the Rays have this year. At least a few will be college and JC/CC picks who sign quickly. My bet is that this will be a VERY exciting Renegades roster. Between the high picks and promotions from Princeton and GCL, lots of interesting players to watch. Certainily more than in the past few years.

    On a side note, tomorrow I'll post my projected starting rotations for all of the teams. It's just my best guesses, and I don't know who we'll be drafting in June obviously, but it may give you some kids to look forward to next season, at least SP's. Maybe we'll follow up with projected position players later, we'll see.

    For a bit of a preview, the Hot Rods projected rotation looks bad, so it's possible some of the Princeton starters will jump to Bowling Green. Guys like Braulio Lara and Enny Romero. For all of my thoughts/guesses, check back tomorrow.

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