Wednesday, December 22, 2010

John Sickels Top 20 List

John Sickels has posted his preliminary Top 20 Rays prospects list. Follow the link for his comments on each player and, in case you missed it, for more of John's thoughts on the Rays system see his interview with us from earlier this month.

Rather than just re-print John's list, lets compare his choices with our personal lists, which are summarized here.
Rk John Sickels       Doug Milhoan        Jake Larsen         Kevin Gengler
1  Jeremy Hellickson  Jeremy Hellickson   Jeremy Hellickson   Jeremy Hellickson
2  Matt Moore         Matt Moore          Desmond Jennings    Matt Moore
3  Desmond Jennings   Desmond Jennings    Matt Moore          Desmond Jennings
4  Jake McGee         Alex Cobb           Joseph Cruz         Alex Torres
5  Josh Sale          Jake McGee          Josh Sale           Alex Cobb
6  Alex Colome        Alex Colome         Alex Cobb           Alex Colome
7  Alex Torres        Alex Torres         Alex Torres         Jake McGee
8  Enny Romero        Jake Thompson       Nick Barnese        Josh Sale
9  Jake Thompson      Joseph Cruz         Alex Colome         Joseph Cruz
10 Justin O'Conner    Drew Vettleson      Jake Thompson       Nick Barnese
11 Drew Vettleson     Josh Sale           Wilking Rodriguez   Jake Thompson
12 Alex Cobb          Nick Barnese        Jake McGee          Wilking Rodriguez
13 Nick Barnese       Tyler Bortnick      Enny Romero         Justin O'Conner
14 Joseph Cruz        Enny Romero         Ryan Brett          Luke Bailey
15 Scott Shuman       Wilking Rodriguez   Drew Vettleson      Drew Vettleson
16 Wilking Rodriguez  Justin O'Conner     Derek Dietrich      Tim Beckham
17 Braulio Lara       Albert Suarez       Yoel Araujo         Ty Morrison
18 Leslie Anderson    Scott Shuman        Hector Guevara      Derek Dietrich
19 Ryan Brett         Luke Bailey         Tim Beckham         Enny Romero
20 Tim Beckham        Tim Beckham         Justin O'Conner     Ryan Brett
John also listed the following players as 'others of note': Luke Bailey, Tyler Bortnick, Cesar Cabral, Dane De La Rosa, Derek Dietrich, Shane Dyer, Cole Figueroa, Marquis Fleming, Todd Glaesmann, Brandon Gomes, Hector Guevara, Jesse Hahn, Ian Kendall, Alex Koronis, Kyle Lobstein, Ty Morrison, David Newmann, Zach Quate, Cody Rogers, Albert Suarez, Matthew Sweeney.

Note: Our lists were written back in November, well before the Jason Bartlett trade, so we did not consider any of the players acquired from San Diego. We also did not include Leslie Anderson due to age.

Thoughts on John's list? Any surprises?

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