Thursday, December 9, 2010

2010 Rule 5 Draft

The Rule 5 Draft took place today during the Baseball Winter Meetings in Florida. The Rays organization only selected one player while losing four to other teams.

Added from Draft

  • LHP Cesar Cabral from the Red Sox in the Major League phase.

Lost in Draft

  • RHP Aneury Rodriguez was selected by the Astros in the Major League phase.
  • RHP Heath Rollins was selected by the Royals in the AAA phase.
  • LHP Justin Dowdy was selected by the Giants in the AAA phase.
  • IF Roan Salas was selected by the Blue Jays in the AA phase.

Here is the line on Cabral:

2006 17 Red Sox DOSL 1 4 4.54 11 10 0 37.2 37 19 12 27 1.301
2007 18 Red Sox DOSL 5 4 1.76 14 14 0 66.1 55 13 21 58 1.146
2008 19 Red Sox GULF 2 5 5.59 11 9 0 48.1 55 30 15 51 1.448
2009 20 Lowell NYPL 1 6 4.03 15 9 4 60.1 66 27 17 47 1.376
2010 21 Greenville SALL 2 0 0.29 17 0 5 31.1 16 1 7 35 0.734
2010 21 Salem CARL 2 0 5.81 28 0 4 48.0 60 31 14 45 1.542
5 Seasons 13 19 3.73 96 42 13 292.0 289 121 86 263 1.284

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  1. Why did we take a guy who has not even seen AA+? Isn't he supposed to stay on the MLB roster the whole year? I just don't see that happening even just as a LOOGY. There had to of been better out there.

  2. i swear baseball makes no sense these days

  3. Gonna miss HEATH ROLLINS not being in the Rays org. - a really classy guy and a big asset for his future team. Good Luck Heath!

  4. Glad Jim wrote this, when I was watching the results I was too ticked to put together a post w/o swear words.

    We're rebuilding our entire bullpen, not just a couple of spots, the whole... dang... thing. So you might think a 22 year-old who put up a 3.71 ERA between AA and AAA (mostly at Durham) last year would be of some value. But no, alas, we let him go for nothing while protecting (adding to the 40-man roster) Matt Bush, a 24 year-old who has never pitched above A-ball and who has pitched a grand total of 21.1 innings of professional baseball.

    I can understand losing Carl Crawford, Carlos Pena, Benoit, Soriano, etc., but letting Aneury go while protecting Bush??? Some decisions are based on the Rays economics, and I'll always defend the org for those. But this is ridiculous. All we need now is for Bush to pull one of his "Do you know who I am? I'm Matt f'n Bush!!!" acts in spring training to make this complete.

    Glad to see the positive comment about Heath Rollins. Surprised there haven't been more, he was VERY well liked. Best of luck to him in KC. Always thought the Rays killed his value by moving him to the pen at the end of the 2009 season. Should have kept him in the rotation and traded him in the 09-10 offseason to get something of value back.

    Dowdy was an August sign out of indy ball, not much to add. Salas was only 20 and played all of his career in the VSL, but what a bat. Career line of .322/.390/.506 over 4 seasons for the VSL Rays and Rangers. Always wondered why he wasn't in the GCL in 2010 after a .338/.409/.653 line in the VSL in '09. Also, why was he even eligible? Only 4 seasons of pro ball, and signed at younger than 18, so shouldn't have been eligible until after next season. Maybe he signed with the Rangers in 2006 and didn't play, making this his 5th season?? Doesn't matter a whole lot, but just struck me as odd.

    And nothing to add about the new guy, odds are he won't make it out of spring training.

  5. Doug, Do you know if the Astros are going to use Anuery as a starter or a reliver?

  6. Did not have a great feeling about the Winter meetings.What did TB really accomplish- other than lose some major leaguers and give away some of their pitchers like Rodriguez and Rollins...yeah, I'm sure things will be ok, but right now, it's a kind of a downer.

  7. From what I've read at Crawfish Boxes they will give him an opportunity to make the rotation out of spring training. If he fails, then the bullpen.

    Remember, they can't send him to the minors without offering him back to us, so he may be back with us at some point this season.

  8. So even if Rodriguez makes the roster put of spring, if he gets sent down, we get him back? Cool. At least with Houston he has a chance to start though.

  9. Yes, we could get him back. Or the Astros could work out a trade with the Rays to keep him and option him to the minors, think 'cash considerations' or random minor leaguer. Here is the way it would work technically if the Astros don't want him on their 25-man roster at any point next season:

    The Asros must keep Rodriguez on its 25-man active roster for all of the 2011 season or put him on waivers. If a third club claims the player on waivers, the third club also must keep him in the majors all season, which isn't likely, if you can't stick with the Astros, then who? If Rodriguez clears waivers, he must be offered back to the Rays for $25,000. At that point the Astros may work out a trade with the Rays so that they can keep him and send him to the minor leagues.

    If, because of injury, Rodriguez spends less than 90 days on the active Major League roster in 2011, he also must remain on the Major League roster in 2012 until he earns 90 days of service. Otherwise, he must be put on waivers and offered back to the Rays.

    All of this applies to the pitcher the Rays picked from the Red Sox also.