Monday, July 20, 2009

Draft Signing Update

Here's the news I could find on the still-unsigned guys...

1. 2B/OF LeVon Washington: Marc Topkin reports that "agent Scott Boras says there has been no movement on top draft pick LeVon Washington, and he expects talks to push the Aug. 17 signing deadline." Meanwhile, according to, Washington has told the University of Florida coaching staff he intends to sign.
My take: Washington will sign within a few days of the deadline.

2. SS Kenny Diekroeger: Before the draft, Diekroeger sounded like a lock to attend Stanford. After the draft, he told us that he's facing an "incredibly tough decision." Diekroeger was named a first-team high school All-American by BaseballAmerica, and in late June he took a trip to Tropicana Field.
My take: Right now it's probably 50/50. I think he'll sign right near the deadline simply because the Rays wouldn't want the 2nd round pick to go to waste(or be pigeonholed into having the sign the player they take with the 2010 compensation pick).

3. OF Todd Glaesmann: All has been quiet on this front, which means he hasn't given any indication he won't sign.
My take: He'll sign right before the deadline, much like Kyle Lobstein from last year's draft.

4. C Luke Bailey: Again, not a whole lot to give you here. He expressed a willingness to sign when he was drafted, but will probably have to wait since he'll be an above-slot bonus.
My take: A decent bet to sign, but it'll be at or near the deadline.

5. 1B Jeff Malm: His high school finished the season rated #1 in the country. Not much news on his signing, he was considered a tough sign with a USC commitment.
My take: I honestly have no clue. There's been little information on his signing prospects. We'll see.

9. LHP Kevin James: The latest thing I could find comes from June 10th, just after he was drafted: "I don't know right now," he said. "I haven't thought that far ahead."
My take: Again, who knows? This could go either way.

10. SS Derek Dennis: Aside from PerfectGame accidentally listing him as signed for a few days, everything has indicated Dennis plans to attend Michigan.
My take: Barring anything unforseen, won't sign.

15. RHP Pierce Johnson: This article has the latest on him. Basically, the Rays are following him as he plays this summer and "could make an offer depending on his performance."
My take: Johnson was a guy I liked coming into the draft, and if the Rays see enough they like this summer, they can get him signed(
"If it's the right offer we're going to take it and we're going to run with it.").

20. RHP Dylan Floro: He's playing summer ball so it could be a situation similar to Pierce Johnson, where if they see enough they'll make an offer.
My take: Who knows? Nothing on his signing has been reported.

Guys after round 20: I'd be really surprised if anyone drafted this late that hasn't signed yet will. 37th rounder Austin Maddox is already on the University of Florida campus. 44th rounder Kalani Brackenridge is playing American Legion ball and at least entertaining the possibility of signing, but he'd be giving up a football scholarship. 38th rounder Drew Hillman is in a similar mini-draft-and-follow position as Pierce Johnson.


  1. I think that since some scouts have reportedly said that Diekroeger is an overdraft at 2, that he may be more likely to sign than generally expected.

  2. Boy, LeVon really screwed us over. He said he was going to sign early, and now he might not sign until the deadline.

    I really hope we get all of Glaesmann, Malm, Bailey,Diekreoger,James,Johnson,and Floro. I know that's wishful thinking, but I have hope that the Rays will get the job done.

  3. cool all deadline signs!

  4. Is it possible that some players have been signed, or agreements have been reached, but because they are over slot MLB is holding up the deals to be sure they are not announced until deadline?

  5. Yeah, it's possible. I remember seeing a quote from Kyle Lobstein where he said the signing process was basically "The Rays said they were going to offer x dollars all summer, and then they formally made the offer right before the deadline."