Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Leslie Anderson Named To AFL Rising Stars Roster

Leslie Anderson
Leslie Anderson has been named to West Division roster for the Arizona Fall League Rising Stars all-star game. The game is this Saturday at 9:06 ET, and will be carried live on MLB Network and on MLB.com.

Speaking of Anderson, Jim Callis of Baseball America had this to say about him in today's chat:
Ernie (Tampa, FL): Jim, Do you think Leslie Anderson will make the Rays next year when Pena leaves as a free agent? What can you tell us about Anderson?

Jim Callis: Not necessarily. I don't think Anderson is anything very special. He can hit for average but may have below-average power for a first baseman, plus he'll be 29 next season. The last Cuban players to make a big impact with their bat were Jose Canseco and Rafael Palmeiro. If you want to exclude players associated with steroids, you have to go further back to Tony Perez.
Not sure why his place of birth affects how good he will be, but I agree with the rest of the answer.


  1. the only reason they sent the guy is because he a $6,000,000 deal

  2. Anderson and not Cobb?

  3. they had the guys picked to play in this game befor the AFL started

  4. well still, how is cobb not ahead of the guy older than half the guys on the Rays major league roster? I know Anderson might be good and in the majors sooner than Cobb, but I still prefer Cobb. I actually prefer Ruiz to Anderson also.