Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Top 15 Hitters: #2 Reid Brignac

Reid Brignac
6'3" 195 lbs DOB: 1/16/1986
Bats: Left | Throws: Right
2009: Durham Bulls/Tampa Bay Rays
Acquired: 2004 Draft, 2nd Round, 45th Overall

It seems like Reid Brignac has been around forever, having been on prospect lists since a strong 2004 debut season. He'll only be 24 years old for the 2010 season though, and while the book on him has changed since his 2006 breakout year, he remains one of the game's top shortstop prospects.

In his second year with the Durham Bulls, Brignac cut down on his strikeouts and saw his batting average rise from .250 to .282. His walk and power numbers were stagnant, however, suggesting he pretty much is what he is in those departments barring any adjustments. Including his major-league numbers, Brignac topped 30 doubles on the season, and hasn't hit fewer than 26 in a season since his debut back in 2004.

He looked more comfortable in his 90 big-league at bats this year then he did when he went 0-10 in 2008, but there are still things to work on. His strikeouts were back up, while he drew only three walks, a rate down from his already-low AAA numbers. He did hit .278 with eleven extra-base hits, but approach needs refinement to maintain those numbers in the majors.

Brignac's defense remains an asset and there aren't any questions about his ability to play the position in the majors. He may not be a Gold Glover-caliber defender, but he should be above-average. At the plate, his power has evaporated, hitting 18 homeruns combined the past two seasons after smacking 17 with Montgomery in 2007. If he can be more selective at the plate and look for better pitches to hit, his homerun total could pick back up a little. He won't be the offensive force that it looked like he might become after the 2006 season, but his bat won't be a detriment.

At this point, all Brignac seems to need is more time to adjust to the major-league level. With Jason Bartlett and Ben Zobrist seemingly locked into the starting middle infield positions, Brignac could make the team as a reserve, though Sean Rodriguez is also in the running. The Rays could also start Brignac(and Rodriguez, for that matter) back at Durham simply to allow them to play every day. His strikeout rate improving suggests that Brignac is still developing, and similar strides with regards to walks would cement his future status as a big league regular.


  1. why havent they traded him yet?I still question why 2 years ago they didnt just pull the trigger on the deal tha would have brought us Jason Bay?I thought definately after the selection of Beckham they would of traded him but no.Right now he could be starting with Pitt but instead he'll make another apperence in AAA again

  2. What if Beckam fails? That is why they don't trade him. He will be a backup until Bartlett is gone. Then he will start till Beckam is ready.

  3. If you trade him and Bartlett gets hurt, then what? Plus, what do you want to trade him for? For what he would bring, the only position a trade could bring back something better than we have is maybe catcher, and then we'd have to do something with one of the ones we have.

    I'd rather have the depth at SS/2B. And, as 2nd anon points out, Beckham is no guarantee and Bartlett is what, 30? I don't see him being traded, too hard to replace a legit defensive major league SS.

  4. when I say trade him I mean in a package deal of him 1+ more prospects to get us something for the Major League team if we need something around trade deadline(which we have the last 2 deadlines)If Bartlett gets hurt we can Zobrist, Aybar, heck we could even move Longo there for a few games, wouldn;t be the best D we could have but you gotta do what ya gotta do

  5. The only way that Tampa moves Longoria is when he gets near free agency and they still have not worked a long term deal for him. Longoria is a franchise player.

  6. Daniel,

    He meant put Longo at short.

  7. Barnese and Bailey CircusJanuary 21, 2010 at 10:15 PM

    Quite frankly, I would rather see Bartlett moved than Brignac. Cost/production will always be a issue with this team. I love Brignac`s glove and while I don`t think that he can match Bartlett`s OBP, I think his SLG will be respectable. I think you get 5 years of Brignac for what Bartlett will get paid in 2011.

  8. Brignac and Bartlett are the only 2 shortstops. The rest are terrible MLers there. Neither guy is going anywhere for a while.

  9. Counting option years,Longoria is under our control through the 2016 season. He probably will not be a FA for a long time.

  10. will the top 15 pitchers start after your down with the writup with Jennings?and also thanks for doing this feature, if not for this I probaly wouldnt know much about our teams prospects.

  11. Yeah, there's a top 15 pitchers that I'll hopefully get done faster that the hitters :)

  12. You've done a great job Kevin. You've set the standard for being fair too, I haven't seen a comment yet that didn't at least partially agree with you. For ex the Beckham post, starts out all over the place, but ultimately right back to what you said, may be a bust, some folk are already saying so, but give him time.

    You are the voice of reason around here re prospects. (You still should have put Kang above Beckham though :))